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Recently my boyfriend bought a juice fountain and a blender, after months and months of the both of us pondering over getting one. We had watched a couple of juicing documentaries and like many others got really into the idea of juicing. So since we’ve had these new appliances I’ve been obsessed with making juices and smoothies that are great for a range of occasions, meals and times of the day. The great thing about smoothies and juices is that they can be ridiculously healthy or a little indulgent depending on how you make them, I really love the endless possibilities! I wanted to share with you all five different recipes, some are for smoothies and others are for juices… but ALL are vegan (yay!), and trust me when I say that they are all delicious! Let me know which of these sounds the yummiest to you in the comments!

DAY  1. 

This first juice has always been a personal favourite of mine. I find carrot juice super uplifting and just generally delicious – and this recipe makes it even better! I like to make this juice after the gym because it’s light, but jam packed with nutrients that will keep me going until my next meal. The portions listed on this recipe, as with many of the others can be adjusted based on personal taste. With the ingredients that I used I was able to get three glasses of this good stuff.

DAY 2. 

This next juice is definitely the healthiest in this list and is based off my favourite green juice from Boost. If you asked me what I thought of green juices a few years ago I would have told you they absolutely terrified me. It just didn’t seem right to drink something so… well, green. Now however, I find them to be one of the best for just about any time of the day. Like the carrot juice, this one also has heaps of good-for-you stuff like spinach and cucumber – just chuck all these ingredients into your juice fountain and you’re good to go!

DAY 3.

I personally think this smoothie crosses and blurs the boundaries of smoothie and breakfast. When I know I’m not going to have time to make myself a filling breakfast and I’m going to be on-the-go for the day, this will tend to be the smoothie I’ll whip up (or blend up?) to take with me. The addition of oats to this smoothie is definitely what makes this drink perfect for meal replacement as you’ll get a bunch of energy and fiber from them.

DAY 4.

Watermelon juice is PERFECT for Spring and Summer time, with the cost of it being generally quite cheap at both the supermarket and markets. My boyfriend is in love with watermelon juice and seems to be making the stuff all the time. I wanted to make the juice a little more interesting and I remembered one of my all time favourites to buy from years back – watermelon, apple and mint. The combination of these three makes for a super fresh, crisp and just all round lovely juice, yum!

DAY 5.

Day five of my smoothie and juice bender calls for a treat with this delicious choc-banana smoothie. This recipe is a great alternative to those times you’re craving a banana and chocolate milkshake – so you won’t feel bad indulging in this treat! Another benefit for going for this smoothie instead of a milkshake is that this one will give you quite a bit of energy, especially with the addition of chia seeds. A little tip with this one, if you’re struggling to get the consistency right, add a little almond milk!

And that concludes my four days of vegan smoothies and juices! Which of these do you want to try the most? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love, Ebony xo


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