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With a new year comes new additions to my Pinterest Series! I haven’t been posting all that many design related articles lately, but I really want to share more of my ideas and thoughts on design with you throughout 2018 – and I think this post is a great way to start off the year! Some of you may be familiar with the website ‘Pinterest’, I personally spend far too much time on the site and have collected a vast array of design photographs that I love dearly. For this Pinterest Series post I will be sharing a few of the most popular accents that clients and designers choose to fit their homes out with, as well as showing you some of my favourite applications of each material / finish, and which I prefer personally. Let’s go!


I feel like the world has been going nuts over all things copper and rose gold over the last three years that a lot of people have forgotten about classic old brass. In my opinion, brass accents look SO much better than copper and have more of a timeless affect on a space rather than trend-dependent finish. While there are endless ways to incorprate brass into a home, my personal favourite applications of brass would have to be tubing pieces such as chair legs and furniture.


I’m still to work out if there’s an official term for matte black coated aluminium, but until that day comes I shall continue to call these accents ‘matte black’. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of contrast in design, especially when it comes to interior design. I love emphasis brought to the forms and shapes of things like taps and shower heads when finished with a matte black coat and placed against a white splashback or wall. I know many people have spoken about the hassle of this finish scratching easily (like any matte finish), but I just loveeee how it looks and could stare at them all day.


Now this wouldn’t be an accents post for interiors if I didn’t include copper, would it? As much as I’m quite over seeing ‘copper’ and ‘rose gold’ just about everywhere in the design world, I do still love some of the applications I come across on Pinterest – especially when paired with complimentary pinks and beiges. I think my reason behind disliking copper finishes comes not from it’s overuse – but a result of stores like Kmart and some higher up furnishings stores marketing items as ‘copper’ or ‘rose gold’ when they look nothing like any metal I’ve ever seen in my life. Ah well, for now I shall just appreciate the fabulous uses of this metal like the images above.


While I think brass has been and will always be my favourite accent application, I have a deep appreciation for matte black accent pieces (and the owners that manage to keep them in good condition!), and the ability they have to be paired with many other metals, colours and finishes. I’ve seen lots of pictures on Pinterest of black fixtures styled alongside a copper or brass sink or pendant. What are your favourite colours, materials and textures for accents? I’d love to know in the comments – I’d also appreciate it if you let me know what kinds of Pinterest Series posts you’d like to see more of this year.

Much Love, Ebony xo


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