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Well, well, well… It’s sure been a while since my last Bellabox unboxing. My last review for this beauty subscription box was last November, about three months ago now. I decided to pause my subscription to decide whether I wanted to continue receiving boxes for 2018, if you want to read more about why I paused my subscription have a read of my last review. I was actually caught by surprise by this box, three months passed very quickly and before I knew it I had been billed for my March box. I decided I’d give them a few more chances to see if they pick up their box game, so here we go!

The theme of this month’s box is ‘Super Power Beauty’ – when I read that I imagined the products would be ones that come out to save the day, whether that be makeup emergencies or skincare remedies. On first glance of the products I received I think they’re definitely true to theme, however I immediately noticed a few repeat offenders in the box.


Product: Tilley Classic White Hand & Nail Cream, 45ml | RRP $11.95, 125ml | Available from brand site

My eyes immediately were drawn to this product, as I’ve received this identical sample before – scent and all. This sample is the Tilley hand & nail cream in the Tahitian Frangipani scent. I received this cream about a year ago in a Bellabox and wasn’t too impressed so I passed it onto a friend. Of all the products that were available to be sent out in this month’s box, I would have thought that the system could have at least given me a different scent of this cream, seeing as there are so many.


Product: Model CO Luxe Creme Long wear Lipstick, full size | RRP $17.00 | Available from brand site
Product: Model CO Eye Define Crayon Liner, full size | RRP $14.00 | Available from brand site

I feel like Model CO is one of those brands that pops up in beauty boxes quite a lot, and I don’t mind at all as from my experience they product pretty good products. In my box I received a lipstick in the shade ‘Amelia’ and the black eyeliner. On first impressions of the lipstick, it’s got a gorgeous formula and feels as though it would be super comfortable on the lips, the colour is lovely too. As for the eyeliner, after swatching I wasn’t too impressed with the formula as it seemed fairly dry, but I’ll have to see how it applies on the eye.


Product: The Goat Skincare Soap Bar, 100g | RRP $3.60, 100g | Available from Terry White Chemist, Priceline and brand site

Yep, another repeat offender. I’ve received this exact same soap bar on two other occasions in past bellaboxes. I’ve never been interested in receiving soaps as I’m personally completely dedicated to my Lush soaps, and this product is a fairly cheap, easily accessible product that always seems to be on sale in the chemist. I always wonder if Bellabox just happened to get hold of a ridiculous amount of these soap bars that they’re still trying to get rid of, who knows.


Product: NYX Professional Makeup Blotting Paper, Green Tea, 100 Sheets | RRP $6.95, 100 Sheets | Available from priceline or brand site

While this product is fairly inexpensive, I was super excited to see the NYX blotting papers in my box this month as I’ve tried out their mattifying papers before, but not the green tea ones. I’m a big fan of blotting paper as my face, and especially my t-zone, can get oily super quickly. I saw that this month there were a number of NYX products that were being sent out into boxes, including brushes. I’m partly disappointed that I didn’t receive a brush, as they’re quite a bit pricier than the blotting papers, but I’m definitely happy to receive this item too.


Overall I’m not super excited about much in the box I received, however there were a few good items included. The products I’m most excited to use are the lipstick and the blotting papers. I already know however that I won’t use the goat soap and I’ll probably pass on the hand cream as well. The overall value of the full size equivalents in this box comes to $53.50, meaning the value of the samples comes to $45.85. There isn’t much variation in the value of my box as all of the products I received were full sized, except the hand cream. I feel like this speaks volumes for the value of the products that were sent out, past boxes often have a much higher value over the $17AUD paid for the subscription, whereas this one wasn’t that much more. I was originally going to end my subscription after receiving this box, however the sneak peak for the April box looks quite good, so I might hold off for another month – hopefully it gets better!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**





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