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My August Bellabox arrived in the post yesterday, a little later than usual – so I thought I’d get my unboxing done nice and quickly as August is almost over (can we just take a moment to let the fact that it’s almost September sink in). When I opened this month’s box and saw the card titled ‘Bright and Beautiful’ I got super excited and thought the card itself was super cute, so cute that I think I’ll end up displaying it somewhere on my beauty desk. The aesthetic that I got from this month’s theme was the products were going to be geared to Winter skincare, haircare and makeup trends – and I think it definitely fulfilled that theme! The box I received includes all products from brands I haven’t tried out before, and I’m very pleased with that, now, let’s get into the unboxing!

L A  R O C H E – P O S A Y  B O D Y  G E L

Product: La Roche-Posay Lipikar Syndet, 100ml | 400ml RRP $32.95 | Available from Priceline or Chemist Warehouse

This was the first product I picked up from the box and was super excited to see this brand as I’ve seen a lot of beauty bloggers rave about the skincare that La Roche-Posay produces. It took me a little bit of reading to work out exactly what on earth ‘Lipikar Syndet’ was, to find that it’s a cleansing body cream/gel that is to be used in the shower as a body wash that targets irritation and assists in moisturising dry winter skin. I’m really keen to try this product out and am really impressed by the sample size as I think it’s a good amount to get a proper feel for the product!

B A R R Y  M  L I P S T I C K

Product: Barry M Moisture Lip Paint in 160 (Full Size) | RRP $10.00AUD | Available from brand site or Big W

This was the next product in the box that caught my eye, and I’m not going to lie it was because of the shiny pink bullet. When I realised it was from Barry M I was intrigued as I didn’t think you could buy the brand here in Australia and I thought it was exclusive to the UK. When I read that Barry M was available at Big W I realised it was not a surprise that I didn’t know this brand was sold here as I cannot remember the last time I even stepped foot in a Big W, after seeing that Barry M is stocked there I may just need to go! This specific lippie is in the formula of the ‘Moisture Lip Paints’ which finishes as a satin to low-shine lipstick. The colour itself is a stunning deep berry, absolutely perfect for the colder months.

P A L M E R S  H A I R  D U O

Product: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo, 50ml | 473ml RRP $14.99 | Available from Priceline and Chemist Warehouse
Product: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner, 50ml | 473ml RRP $14.99 | Available from Priceline and Chemist Warehouse

Seeing these two haircare items was a bittersweet moment for me. Whilst I really like Palmer’s products generally, I tend to not enjoy receiving haircare products in my boxes as I have brightly coloured hair I tend to go for more colour-treated hair targeted shampoos and conditioners. At the same time however, I’m curious to try these as they don’t seem to be like other shampoos and conditioners you buy from the drugstore or supermarket – and I do like to use coconut oil for hydrating and treating my hair. So for that I’m slightly interested in giving these two a go!

S A N D  &  S K Y  C L A Y  M A S K

Product: Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask, 13g | 58ml RRP $69.00 | Available from brand site

Again, I feel like I shouldn’t be happy with this product as I received a mask of similar properties in last month’s box, however I’m a sucker for clay masks for my t-zone as it does get quite oily, and I don’t actually own an pink clay masks. It’s also nice to see that this brand is Australian owned and the ingredients themselves are also sourced locally. I haven’t heard of the brand before and I’m interested to find out what else the company produces as it doesn’t seem to be stocked in any stores, always happy with an indie brand inclusion!

R E V I E W  &  T H O U G H T S

Overall I’m quite happy with this box! I feel that each product was very fitting to the theme of the month and perfect for this time of year here in Australia. I enjoyed the versatility of brands that were in the box and feel that bellabox did a good job at including products that haven’t been in the boxes before (no one likes repeat offenders). I’m super keen to try all of these products and think they will all suit my skin type / hair type fairly well! Let me know what you got in your bellabox this month and whether you were happy with what you got!!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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