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Christmas is fast approaching and I’m getting more and more excited for the festive season. Here in Australia Christmas is during the summer time, so there are a few traditions that are a little odd for us Aussies – one of them being Christmas candles and scents. When you look online or in stores for a festive candle for the home all the scents and fragrances will generally be those that you’d associate with the Winter time – and of course this makes the most sense. That being said however, I know that many Aussies love lighting a Christmas candle or two over the holiday season, despite the fact that it’s 40 degrees Celsius outside.

In today’s post I’ll share with you my personal picks of festive candles for my home. I’ve bought quite a few of them from just about everywhere, and as I’ll be spending my Christmas in Vienna this year they’re definitely making me even more excited!!! I’d love to hear what your go-to scents for Christmas are and if you’re also super into lighting festive candles even though it’s Summer here down under.

This first candle from Bath & Body Works was my first purchase this year in the Christmas candle front. I’ve always been envious of the Christmas candle range from B&BW over in America, for what seems like years. I’d always be tempted to order a selection from Amazon but the shipping was always through the roof. About 18 months ago Victoria’s first B&BW store was open at Chadstone and I remember last Christmas there not being much festive stock – if any and I was feeling quite disheartened. Then this year when I was walking past the store I was BLOWN AWAY by how much of their Christmas range was in the store – and it’s fair to say I spent a good hour in the store smelling what seemed like a never ending range of amazing candles.

When I first smelt this candle I knew I had to have it. With notes of  warm roasted chestnut, fresh ground clove, forest pine needles, and cedarwood; this stunning 3-wick candle emulates the smell that comes to mind for me when I think of Christmas. This candle has the perfect balance of spice, freshness and warmth and I’ve had it burning during the day to make my home feel truly festive.

This next scent is one that I grew up with during the holidays. There’s a store called Santa’s Place down on the Peninsula that I would always visit with my family at Christmas time, every single year. The store is basically a one stop shop for all things specialty Christmas and I have such fond memories of going in each year and picking another beautiful decoration that would be added to the family tree.

If you ask any of the staff members or customers who frequent the store, they’ll know all about the Snickerdoodle soy wax melt by Swan Creek Candle Co. It’s usually the first thing you smell when you walk into the Christmas wonderland as it’s definitely one of the store’s best sellers. This wax melt has notes of sweet vanilla with cinnamon, butter and nuts to result in what is probably the BEST scent to make your home smell like Christmas baking.

This next trio would make the best Christmas gift set for that candle obsessed friend in your life. I came across this Christmas set from Old Factory Candles on Amazon, however I know that you can also buy this set on Etsy or direct from the website. The trio features three mini candles in festive favourites ‘Christmas Tree, Gingerbread and Candy Cane’. All three of these smell DIVINE and I’ve got each of them placed around the house – they’ll definitely be gone soon!

The last candle that has been making my home smell divine is the single wick candle in the fragrance ‘Twisted Peppermint’, also from Bath & Body Works. Whilst I was stuck in Christmas heaven at the Chadstone B&BW store I gave this guy a sniff and knew it would be the perfect bathroom scent. Just like candy canes, this candle has a sweet mint scent that is truly nostalgiac – but with a fresh twist to it. The smell is just perfect for a place like the guest bathroom and I’ve had this one burning constantly and will continue to do so until it’s all gone!

Much love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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