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I’m always excited to see all the Christmas ranges released by different beauty brands, and The Body Shop is one that I follow very closely. After the great success I had with their Halloween Pumpkin & Vanilla Range I couldn’t wait to pick a few goodies from their Christmas release. The Body Shop released three different scents for Christmas; Frosted Berries, Vanilla Chai and Frosted Plum. There were so many different products released for all three of the scents and I knew I couldn’t purchase EVERYTHING, so I decided to go into a store and smell all the products myself and choose which one’s I’d haul.


The Body Shop is well known for their hand creams, and the hand cream gift set is one that I’ve purchased as presents for many of my friends and family in the past. I thought this set would be a great way for me to have something of each scent from the range, and it’s quite affordable too. As you may notice from the other products I purchased, Frosted Plum is definitely my favourite of the range – with Vanilla Chai a close second. The Frosted Berries scent was a bit too sweet for my liking, however I did enjoy it as a hand cream


I knew I wanted to get a body scrub from the get go as I love the formulation of The Body Shop’s scrubs for a gentle everyday exfoliation in the shower. I’d describe the Frosted Plum scent as very fruity, but with a floral twist – it’s very subtle and I can see many loving it. The reason why I recommend this sugar scrub for frequent use is that the scrub itself is not like other harsher sugar scrubs I’ve used like the soap and glory scrubs. This product has more of a gel-like consistency that is very uplifting and moisturising, whilst still providing a lovely and gently exfoliation.


It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t purchase a body butter from this range, now would it!? Like the scrub, I purchased the Frosted Plum body butter as it was my favourite scent in the collection. I’ve always been a big fan of The Body Shop’s body butters, as have many others as they’re known for being highly moisturising and nourishing for dry skin. I’m still finishing off my Pumpkin & Vanilla body butter but you can bet that once it’s gone I’ll be straight onto this one!


While I love the products I picked up from The Body Shop Christmas range (including the two cute little soaps that make the perfect Christmas hand soaps) I personally preferred the Halloween Pumpkin & Vanilla range. I think a brand having so many different lines for Christmas like The Body Shop does makes it tricky to indulge in a whole range as there are just so many products. I’d love to see a year where perhaps they’d pick one brand new scent to work on and perfect it to a tee, like they did with the Halloween range. Let me know what you thought of the Christmas range from The Body Shop and which products were your favourite!

Much love, Ebony xo

 **all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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