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Over the last month, I’ve slowly seen more and more of my favourite British bloggers rave about The Body Shop’s new Vanilla & Pumpkin range for their Halloween release. Now, here in Australia it’s currently Spring time – instead of leaves turning orange and falling, trees are blossoming and coming back to life after a chilly winter. Because of this, I wasn’t sure if the Australian body shop stores would be stocking this release as lets be honest, the scent and branding just SCREAMS autumn. The other week however, I was looking on The Body Shop’s website and saw the whole release stocked and available to us Aussies, so I immediately purchased the whole range.

While the scents of these products aren’t the most fitting for this season and make me miss autumn quite a lot, I still absolutely adore the smell of each of these products and just know they’re going to be my obsession over this month. And who knows, I might stock up so I’ve got some on hand when Autumn comes around. The website describes the fragrance of this range to be “inspired by fresh-baked Halloween goodies” and each product includes a blend of pumpkin, vanilla, tonka bean, hazelnut and maple syrup. I’m sure you can just imagine how delicious these products smell, almost good enough to eat! (please don’t)

S H I M M E R   M I S T

I first came across the shimmer mists from The Body Shop last Christmas when I was gifted the ‘green apple shimmer mist’ from my mum. It was released as part of their holiday range and I just loved the scent and shimmer finish the product gave to the skin, so I knew I this Vanilla & Pumpkin one would be just as, if not more lovely! I’d describe the shimmer in this mist as a stunning sheen that comes off quite smooth and subtle when spritzed onto the skin. I prefer this quite a bit as I’m not always a fan of chunky glitter on the body as it tends to make me look like I should be at a festival.

I was really impressed by The Body Shop’s execution of this product’s scent, the fragrance of the mist is exactly the same as the other products in the collection – creamy and velvety. I often find with mists that it’s easy to neglect the perfection of the fragrance, leaving the finished product smelling kind of chemically. So – kudos to you body shop!

S H O W E R   G E L 

If you’ve read my Lush shower gel collection post, then you’ll know I’m OBSESSED with yummy smelling shower products, as they fill the void in my heart where my bath used to be. I just love lathering a huge dollop of shower gel onto my loofah and scrubbing all over, leaving myself smelling and feeling great. So far based off what I’ve read and first impressions of this product, the formula of this shower gel is a soap-free, rich lather formula, and it has quite a milky consistency – so it’s seeming like it will be super hydrating. I’m very excited to try this product out as I am yet to try any shower gels from The Body Shop, so I’m fairly stoked for this one to be the first I use!


Two of my all time favourite formulas and products that The Body Shop sells are their cream products, specifically their body butter and their hand cream. I’ve always found the formula ridiculously hydrating, which is exactly what I need as my hands and legs can get VERY dry, especially in the colder months. I personally have quite sensitive skin, and in my experience with The Body Shop, the cream products are super gentle and kind to the skin – whilst still being really nourishing.

The scent in these two products is definitely the richest in the range, the body butter in particular just makes me instantly crave baked goods. When I rubbed a little bit of the body butter onto my hand whilst shopping the other day the delicious scent of the cream lingered for hours, it was just divine. I cannot wait to use these products to keep my skin hydrated and happy, skin to toe!

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Much Love, Ebony xo

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    Omg these products sound amazing, I would love to try them but we don’t have a Body Shop here.


    • ebonyhopmans

      Oh no that’s a shame! They really are wonderful xx

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