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When I found out that Coloupop was collaborating with My Little Pony I knew it’d be something I’d like, before I even saw the products. I imagined a range that was sparkly, colourful and mystical – but I wasn’t expecting the colours and products to be so wearable! I decided to purchase the PR release, which is basically what was sent in the mail to public figures in the beauty industry like Youtubers and bloggers.

The main reason why I wanted to get this range was honestly for the ridiculously cute tote bag that is SO 90’s that I cannot handle it, but also because the PR collection included every product in the collaboration for much cheaper than buying them individually. I also was happy to purchase the whole collection as I found the colours of the eyeshadows, ultra matte lips, ultra glossy lips and just about everything else was like nothing in my collection – which is saying something because I’ve got a lot!

The release in whole includes three ultra matte lips, three ultra glossy lips, three super shock shadows, two pressed powder highlighters, an eyeshadow palette and a brush set – with accessories like the beautiful metallic purple makeup bag and the My Little Pony tote bag. This haul will include an in depth look and first impressions of all the products, as well as swatches of all the products and colours at the end of the post, so be sure to read right until the end!


I first saw these six lip colours in action over on Arden Rose’s Youtube channel, and thought the colours looked GORGEOUS, especially the lip glosses, which speaks volumes because I usually detest lip gloss. The colours included in the ‘ultra matte’ formula (as seen from left to right) are:

  • Pin Wheel (Vibrant cool-toned fuchsia)
  • Moondancer (Blackened plum)
  • Lemon Drop (Bright cool-toned lavender)

All three of these colours are not only wearable (in my opinion at least!) but also super unique. My favourite colour is definitely Lemon Drop as I’m a sucker for Lavender tone lipsticks. As for the glosses, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the ones by colourpop in the past, but the three in this collection are just to die for. The colours in the ‘ultra glossy’ formula available in this range (also from left to right) are:

  • Ponyland (Lilac slightly sprinkled with pink and gold glitter)
  • Flutter Valley (Golden undertone with tons of hot pink and gold glitter)
  • Dream Castle (Metallic fuchsia with blue, violet and gold glitter on top)

When I saw the colour Flutter Valley I instantly thought of how perfect it would be for the holidays, and I imagine this looking just stunning over a deep red lip.


While I’m the biggest fan of the formula of the Super Shock Cheek Highlighters, I do still like the pressed highlighters by colourpop. The formula, while powder, is actually very creamy and richly pigmented. From my experience of the powder highlights there’s a bit more control as far as how much pigment you want to apply. With the super shock highlights the payoff tends to be very pigmented, very quickly – these are a little more buildable, so you can go for a subtle look or a blinding effect, depending on what you’re after. There are two shades in this release, they are:

  • Trickles (Lavender with pink opal duochrome flip)
  • Starflower (Peachy gold)

Firstly, how cute is the stamp on the pan, love myself some pan sparkles. In regards to the colours, Starflower is far more pigmented than Trickles – you need a bit more work to build up the pigment with Trickles and it can be a little powdery/chunky if you’re not careful. My first impression of Starflower was that it was going to be WAY too dark for my pale complexion, and I intended to just use it as eyeshadow, however after testing it on the face it actually looks quite nice and not odd – as long as I go in lightly!


I hadn’t tried any of the colourpop brushes before, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to give them a try, plus the colour of these is so cute! Based off first impressions, these bristles feel quite soft for synthetic brushes and seem like they’ll do a good job. The brush set comes with a mixture of a couple of face brushes and three eye brushes and is packaged in the most 90’s Barbie aesthetic thing I’ve ever seen. The brushes included in the kit are as follows (as seen left to right in the photo):

  • Fan brush (great for highlight)
  • Angled face contour brush
  • Eye blending brush
  • Flat shader brush
  • Liner brush

E Y E   P O T S

One of the first products I ever bought from Colourpop were some super shock shadows, which is arguably how the company became so popular. For such a low price, the pigment payoff is so high the they’re a dream to use. The My Little Pony release includes three pots of the super shock shadow, sadly two of mine came a little mangled – but as the formula is so creamy it’s fairly easy to press them back into place. The three colours released are (from top to bottom):

  • Posey (Soft pinky beige with silver, gold and pink glitter)
  • Cherries Jubilee (Opalescent pink with hot pink glitter)
  • Sunbeam (Pastel lavender drenched with violet, hot pink and ice blue glitter)

I found that the formula and feel of these three is a little different to the usual super shock shadows. While the rest of the pots I own are highly pigmented and creamy – I found these ones to be more like shadow toppers (as you’ll notice in the swatches). These don’t swatch or apply completely opaque and seem to have a more oily feel (not in a bad way) than my other pots.

I own all of the eyeshadow palettes that Colourpop has released and I love them all. The pan sizes are a bit smaller than the individual pressed shadows however I don’t mind that as it’s a very rare thing for me to run out of a pressed shadow, or even hit pan as I’ve got so many. I think the arrangement of this palette is just gorgeous, there’s a brilliant mix of warm and cool toned colours and I can see a lot of stunning looks that could come out of this palette.

I commend Colourpop for taking all the colours of the My Little Pony world and making them beautifully wearable. I can see myself using all of these colours all year round, just love!


**Swatches seen above are in order as they were seen in the post**

My overall impressions of this range after playing around with the products and testing them out briefly is that colourpop did a really good job. I often find when makeup brands collaborate with nostalgiac things like My Little Pony, they often get so caught up in the kitsch of the release that the product quality lacks, but I don’t think this is the case with this range. Overall I’m super happy I decided to go for the PR collection when purchasing this range as I really love ALL of the products. Do you own anything from this release, and are you as in love with it as I am? Let me know!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**

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    The packaging is extremely cute!!I want to try all this products!!Great post!!

  • Marina Rosie


    What a stunning array of products and photos – obsessed with how you’ve laid these out! xx The colour scheme is perfect! x Obsessing over the aesthetic of the palette and brushes right now! x Amazing post! x
    Marina xx

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