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Over the past couple of years I’ve gotten really into face masks. The first mask I remember purchasing was the Lush Cosmetics ‘Mask of magnaminty’ and I remember falling in love with the whole process as soon as I tried it. I felt like I was taking that extra bit of care of my skin and it made for a super special pamper night. Ever since then I’ve explored A LOT of different face masks for myself, as someone who has combo skin (oily t-zone, dry cheeks and chin) and struggles with sensitivity and redness there was a lot for me to test, try out and experiment with. After some time of hauling masks, receiving samples in subscription boxes and beauty boxes, and the odd purchase out of curiosity I found myself with a ridiculous pile of masks. I thought I’d share with you a little face mask de-clutter, as I’m moving house soon I’m well into sorting through my belongings and purchasing what I don’t use or need.


This category of masks is what I’m used to purchasing. I’ve always thought I had super oily skin as when I’d wear makeup I’d find it melting off my face or transferring onto just about anything I touched. As I became more aware of my own skin, skincare and makeup I realised I’m not actually that oily, I’m just prone to oiliness in my t-zone – so I find myself drawn to masks made with things like clay, charcoal or other ingredients that will help ‘matte-ify’ my skin. The approach I had towards de-cluttering the items in this category was to question how long I’ve had the product, how much I use it, and how beneficial I found it for my skin. Some of these masks are great for keeping my oils at bay, whereas others are really good for extracting any gunk from my face (ew).

From this category I’m going to pass on my bubble clay mask as I purchased it for the gimmick factor and only ever used it once. I’m also going to throw out my daiso charcoal peeling mask as it’s quite old and I’ve got another (the BLAQ mask) to try out in the meantime. Lastly, I’ll also be passing on my Sand & Sky pink clay mask. I received this sample size in a BellaBox previously, used it once and found it just a little bit too irritating for my skin type. Some of my favourite products that I’ll be keeping include the ‘Innisfree Super Volcanic’ pure clay mask – as it’s my favourite clay mask I’ve ever tried – I also LOVE the Origins GinZing peel-off mask as it’s great for a bit of an extra clean (and also smells and looks wonderful!).


As I mentioned earlier, I always thought I only needed masks for my oily skin – so whenever I saw anything that would hydrate or brighten my skin I tended to avoid it. After a long time of only using clay and charcoal masks I found that my skin was actually feeling quite dry, especially when I had worn heavier makeup often which led to thorough cleansing. I decided to try out some masks that would focus on calming, hydrating and nourishing my skin a little when it was needed. I’ve found some of my all time favourite masks by branching out and feel that I know my skin better than ever now!

I’m keeping majority of the masks in this category as they’re all fairly new and all do different things for my skin. I reviewed the Lush jelly masks a while back on my blog and since hauling them they’ve been my go-to for a cooling mask. The Sephora rose night mask is my FAVOURITE overnight mask ever, and it’s lasted me so many uses – I just wish it didn’t come in such stupid packaging (yep, it’s the massive pink sphere). As for products I’ll be passing on, it’s a few of the more quirky Asian face masks again. I’m passing on the Collagen Jella Mask (from the same company as the bubble mask), as while I enjoy it, I now have the jelly masks from Lush that I gravitate to more. I’m also passing on my Skin Food Rice Mask as I barely use it and find that it doesn’t do much for me – although I’m tossing up on this decision as I’ve heard so many people rave about it, so maybe I’ll give it another chance. Lastly I’m going to be passing on the Gold Racoony Hydro Gel eye and spot patches as they irritated my skin BIGTIME when I used them.


Overall, I managed to de-clutter my face mask collection from 19 down to 12, which I think is pretty good! I actually did a de-clutter of some of my masks recently on a whim – so just know that I used to have EVEN MORE of these damn things. I’m really happy with my choices and glad that all my masks fit into one box now! If you’d like to see more skincare or de-clutter posts, let me know in the comments! I’ve been switching up my skincare routine lately and it’s been going pretty well so far, so I’d love to share it with you.

Much Love, Ebony xo

**All photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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