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As far as accessories go, earrings are by far my favourite. I love all things statement, and finding little (or not so little) gems to dazzle up my ears and finish off an outfit is something that I am obsessed with. When it comes to finding perfect statement earrings for myself I have a few things that I look for. Firstly, if a pair of earrings is either handmade or owned and distributed by a local and growing business it’s a big tick for me – I’m a huge supporter of local and handmade, and I find that I tend to like the style of products made by these small businesses over bigger companies. Other factors that will cause me to fall in love with a pair of earrings is their colouring, quirkiness and general aesthetic.

I generally prefer dangles over studs as I previously had plugs in my ears – I had stretched my lobe piercings to 12mm about 3 years ago. After not having worn plugs for around 2 years now my lobe holes haven’t gone down to their original state, but they have gone down quite a bit. For this reason I tend to not be able to wear more dainty studs or styles. Hhook fixings are my favourite kind as they’re the easiest to wear for my ears as they are now. Now in my collection of statement earrings I’ve got about 40 different dangles that I LOVE so much, and I wanted to show you five of my favourite pieces.


One: Bunch of Grapes dangles | From: Koenji Vintage, South Melbourne Market | Cost: $10.00AUD

This first pair is one that I couldn’t not include in my top five as they were probably the first over-the-top earring purchase I ever made. I remember seeing these wonderful bunch of grapes dangles at a little store called ‘Koenji Vintage’ at South Melbourne Market each time I’d visit the market with my  boyfriend. I remember lusting over them for weeks, but wondering if they were ‘too much’ or something I thought I’d like to own but would never wear – and boy was I wrong! I wear these at least once a week, and am always guarenteed to get endless compliments on them all day. These dangles are also super affordable and were definitely worth the treat.

Two: Zig Zag drop studs | From: Fallen Apple Creations | Cost:$15.00

This next pair is from my all time favourite online store for earrings, Fallen Apple Creations. I came across this little brand when going through the store directory of afterpay, not expecting to fall in love with everything as much as I did. I remember making my first order from this store a while ago, and just being so overwhelmed by all the BEAUTIFUL pieces available to purchase, all at affordable prices too. It took a lot of strength for me to only pick one pair to include in my top five from this brand, but I managed to decide on these stunning zig zag drop studs with a confetti finish. I find that while the design of this pair comes across as unwearable at first, but they actually go with just about any outfit or look I put together. I also get major Bowie vibes from them for some reason and that makes me love them even MORE!

Three: Golden Harp Dangles | From: Lovisa | Cost: Cannot remember – but they were on sale!

This next pair is the only on this list that is from a franchise store. I generally do not like the jewelry available at places like Lovisa, Colette or other mainstream jewelers, but when I saw this pair I fell in love and had to have them. The design of these dangles is just stunning, the combination of the gold tear-drop hoop with the grey thread forming a harp-like pattern makes these earrings probably the classiest pair I own. When I first saw how these were made I thought the grey thread would snap after the first wear, as the appearance is so delicate – but they’re actually super durable, which makes them even more of a deal!

Four: Paddle Dangles in Rose Gold | From: Bobby Pins Co | Cost: $14.00USD or $18.30AUD

If you know me well, you’ll know that I love accessories that are a little risque or involve some kink humour – and these dangles emulate that part of me PERFECTLY. I first fell in love with Bobby Pins Co, an online retailer based in America, when I was collecting patches and pins for my DIY denim jacket. After revisiting the site many times I realised they would often sell particular pin designs in the form of accessories such as earrings and keyrings. When I saw that they were going to be releasing a limited edition design of their paddle pin as rose gold earrings I just knew I had to have them. I think this rose gold design is a super cutesy alternative to the usual black paddle that they stock, and pair well with so so much. I LOVE THEM!

Five: Retro Patchwork Stud Dangles | From: Done By Daisy | Cost: $18.00AUD

This last pair is one of the newer additions to my collection after discovering a little store called ‘Done by Daisy’. This little brand is a one-woman-show located up in Brisbane. The online store sells a wide range a cute and quirky polymer creations, all hand made by the store creator. I recently placed a HUGE order from her website and this pair has got to by my favourite from the haul. I just love the retro vibe of them and find them super easy to wear as they’re super duper light. I will definitely be purchasing more from this store, especially now that I’ve just seen her Christmas range is now live, YAY!


I cannot believe that I managed to narrow down my favourite pairs of statement earrings down to five, it took a lot of strength to not just include everything! If you’d like to check out some of the stores I mentioned in this post please do in the links below. I’d love to hear of any purchases you make from these boutiques as I’m all about handmade! Which of these pairs was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


Fallen Apple Creations – Use this link to receive 15% off when you subscribe!!

Done By Daisy

Bobby Pins Co

Koenji Vintage


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