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It’s that time of the year again, endless “New year, new me” statuses on Facebook, hundreds of gym membership purchases and an overall ‘can do’ attitude. Now, before you click away thinking “hurray, another New Years resolutions post”, hear me out! I’ve never been one for resolutions before, as I’ve always tried having constant goals to work towards. However with this blog being a big part of my life it makes sense to me to document my goals for personal reference and reflection – but also the possibility of revisiting them. I don’t want to have too many, as I read that it’s not always a good idea to have so many resolutions as it can become overwhelming and lead to failure. So with that, enjoy reading how I’d like to become a better person!


one. read, read, read
I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m a fairly average reader, I never did it much as a child as I struggled to absorb written information quickly, especially in the form of fictional novels. Over the last couple of years I’ve kind of fallen in love with the idea of being a book worm. I’ve collected so many beautiful books and this year I’d like to read them. I won’t set myself an exact goal, but I want to make a conscious effort to read more.

two. self love
This next one is tricky for me, I’ve always struggled to see myself for all the good that I am. Whilst I like to portray myself as someone that is full of self love, the real truth under the surface is a young woman who is highly self hateful – as a result my mental health and relationships are affected. So, this year I’d like to do a lot of things for me – this includes meditating more, exploring the city alone like I used to when I was young, focus on the good in me over the bad – among many other things of course.

three. health
Health. Physical, mental, emotional – probably the most common as far as resolutions go. This goal has been one that I’ve set myself each year but have never really followed through. I want to take advantage of my platform on this blog this year, and share my health and fitness journey in a blog series – thus motivating me to stick to it (starting after my holiday of course!)

four. less is more
Anti-consumerism is becoming more talked about and trendy in the blogging world, with many sharing ‘Anti Hauls’ that focus on sharing products that themselves personally will not be purchasing and why. I came across this movement on YouTube by Kimberly Clark, the blogger who changed many consumer’s opinions on how they shop. Now for me, I shop too much – far too much. I’d like to fix that this year. I want to limit how much I can spend on leisure, focus more on how my earnings can be geared more to essentials and saving and lastly, purging my belongings so I learn to live with less.

five. clean house, clean mind
This last goal follows on from ‘less is more’. Ever since I started medication for my anxiety a couple of years ago I became quite relaxed about simple household jobs, resulting in mess building up quickly and me leaving it there until it was ridiculous or I had someone coming over. This is a common side effect of anti-anxieties as they often leave the users less worried about small things that they may have stressed over before medication – cleaning is one of those things for me. This year I’d like to stay on top of keeping my home clean and lovely, making for a wonderful environment for work and leisure.


I’m quite happy with the five goals I’ve set up for myself to hopefully achieve in 2018. Using this blog to my advantage, I’d like to revisit this post throughout the year to remind myself of my goals, and then perhaps reflect on them at the end of the year to conclude which goals stuck and which ones I let slip away. I really hope that I can keep up all of these goals and I’m glad the new year is here – fresh starts are my favourite!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**All photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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