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image sourced from four pillars website

OH MY GIN. For those who know me, it will come as no surprise that I am completely obsessed with all thing gin. I have indulged in endless negronis, gin and tonics and even gin infused tarts, I just love the stuff. A favourite of mine and the three guys I live with is Melbourne based distillery, Four Pillars. The distillery is located in Healesville, and the place itself is absolutely stunning design wise. I’ve never been to the distillery personally, but it’s on my ever growing list of places to visit in Melbourne. I have a deep appreciation for the fit out of the bar, the dark timber lined partitions and copper detailings reflect the brand identity of the company perfectly – adding to the overall experience of Four Pillars gin. Recently our flat invested in the entire main collection of gins, and now our bar cart looks as though it is sponsored by Four Pillars (it’s not). I thought I’d take this intake of gin as an opportunity to give you the round up of each of these six gins, how I like them best and how the company describes them – cheers!

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin (the classic)

“Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin captures the essence of contemporary Australia’s heritage in Europe and Asia. We’re using whole oranges which is unusual but Australian citrus is highly aromatic and supports the spicier botanicals like cardamom.” – taken from the four pillars website.

This gin is the company’s original and most popular gin, and has been a go to gin of my house as it is great for both gin and tonics and negronis. My go-to for this gin is a negroni with orange peel, as it enhances the orange notes in the gin. I have also used this gin for cooking some deserts, including a gin and tonic tart (recipe coming soon).

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin (ooooo)

“Aromatically the gin has fresh pine needles and incredible spice, and a clear peppery, dense raspberry character.” – taken from the four pillars website.

This gin was originally released in winter 2016, but has made a comeback this winter. This gin is a dream for your typical wine lover who also is a sucker for gin (why not both?!). This gin has kind of gone viral here in Melbourne, with everyone obsessing over how unique the flavour is. Bloody Shiraz Gin is one of the reasons why I love four pillars, their product has such a wide range of different gins – offering something for everyone. My go-to for this gin is as a negroni if I’m looking for a slightly sweeter taste garnished with either orange peel or grapefruit.

Four Pillars Cousin Vera’s Gin (a new one for me)

“The aromatics are bright, savoury and clean with a slight citrus spike. Olive leaf, fresh rosemary and crushed coriander sit above a solid base of juniper. The savoury notes carry on to the palate and are supported by pine needles, white pepper and a textural almond note. ” – taken from the four pillars website.

This is the first time I have had this particular gin in my collection and I am yet to try it. What interested me about this gin in particular is that it is described as a more savoury gin, this is something very different to what I usually go for and I’ve heard a lot of fabulous things. The way that four pillars recommend this gin is either as a dirty martini or a G&T with rosemary. I’m interested in trying Cousin Vera’s gin with a savoury tonic syrup and soda water.

Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin (woody)

“Solera No_6 has obvious developed juniper characters before the subtleties unravel into ginger, crushed coriander, citrus oil, with light vanillin and cinnamon from the French oak.” – taken from the four pillars website.

This one is also relatively new to me, I’ve only ordered this gin a few times at bars but have never owned a bottle (until now). Barrel aged is one of those things that automatically makes most boozy things better, and gin is no exception. Four Pillars recommends this gin for a killer old fashioned or over ice, delish!

Four Pillars Navy Strength Gin (pwoah)

“The resulting gin has lifted aromatics of lime curd, pine needles, and fragrant spices with a vanilla character which pulls it all together. The palate is intense – sweet and juicy – but it is still very clean. ” – taken from the four pillars website.

I first experienced this gin at one of my favourite bars in Melbourne as a ‘half and half gin and tonic’, and that is exactly how I recommend this gin. One part gin and one part tonic garnished with A LOT of ice and half a lemon (not squeezed). Having the drink this way results in one of the most refreshing G&T’s you’ll ever have. Despite the high alcohol percentage, this gin is scarily drinkable – so order with caution (or, don’t).

Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin (mmmm, negroni)

“Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin is a highly aromatic, rich and (yes) spicy gin with great power and intensity.” – taken from the four pillars website.

We came across this gin last year at probably one of the best cellars in Melbourne, Carwyn Cellars located in Thornbury. The reason why my partner and I were drawn to it was purely due to ‘negroni’ being in the title. Four Pillars recommends this gin as the perfect pairing for a negroni, however I’ve got a slight variation that I think is even better. We’ve got a oak barrel that we love to age gin and negronis in. Last year we decided to age some negroni for three months, using this gin and my oh my it was delicious. If you’re into gin I highly recommend investing in a barrel to make your drinks even more yummy.


Much love, Ebony xx

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    Yes, Eb. I am sure it’s worth checking this place out! Inhave never tasted Gin, but you made me curious now. I think I might try this one day.

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