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You know it’s got to be amazing when the day has come that I’m making an entire post about three individual soaps…. yes, that’s right – I’m here to talk soap, gourmet soaps from Lush. If you’re wondering ‘what the hell are GOURMET soaps and why should I care?’ – well, I’ll tell ya. A few months back when I was after more ways to get my fix for my rose jam (a scent from lush), I went into the Lush at Melbourne Central and was told by one of the amazing assistants that there was a gourmet soap available only online in the rose jam fragrance. Straight away I jumped onto Lush’s online store and saw another two online exclusive soaps that looked too good to pass up, so yep, I bought three

Lush released an article (here, if you’d like to read more!) explaining the difference between regular soaps and gourmet soaps, short story – these new release soaps have a new formula that has removed unsustainable materials like palm oil and monopropylene glycol. In place of the usual soap base, the gourmet soaps have a base made from coconut oil, cocoa butter and castor oil – so you can just imagine how MOISTURISING these bad boys are.

There are currently three different gourmet soaps available on the Australian Lush website; Ro’s Argan, Drop of Hope, and Olive Tree. All three of the soaps smell absolutely divine, and much to my surprise, Ro’s Argan – the original soap I set out to buy, isn’t my favourite! In fact, I cannot get over the wonderfully fresh scent of Olive Tree – if you’re a fresh fragrance kind of person you NEED this one. I’ve solely used Lush soaps for about two and a half years now, and everything about these three just seem that extra bit luxurious, pampering and indulgent – I cannot wait to use them all!

D R O P   O F   H O P E

Drop of hope would have to be the more subdued fragrance out of the three of the gourmet soaps available – I’d suggest you go for this one if you’re not big into over-the-top scents in soaps. However in saying that, this one has a lovely, creamy element to it that makes me think it will be brilliantly moisturising. Drop of Hope includes some fab ingredients like rapeseed oil, organic agave syrup and even tofu and mushrooms! This benefits claimed for this soap is that it will not only be nourishing for your skin but also give out a bunch of antioxidant benefits, cool as.

R O ‘ S   A R G A N 

Ro’s Argan is the original soap I set my heart on, and it’s definitely got to be the most beautiful out of the three, in my opinion. The scent of this soap is by far the most intense, I’d describe it to be Rose Jam Shower Gel – but on acid – so if you’re a big fan of the rose jam range at Lush you’ve got to add this to your collection. As with all the Rose Jam products, the main featured ingredient is argan oil – a super moisturising and repairing antioxidant that is just brilliant for the skin. Ro’s Argan soap also includes rose absolute (of course), lemon oil and Egyptian geranium oil – resulting in a delicious, fresh and indulgent soap.

O L I V E   T R E E

Last, but certainly not least is this MAGNIFICENT green dude. Olive Tree soap has a scent that is just deliciously fresh. When I smell this soap I imagine walking through a lovely garden with freshly mowed lawn and flowers that are just starting to bloom. The scent is just super uplifting, and I think it’d be perfect for morning showers when you’re struggling to wake up. Just like the other two, this gourmet soap is going to give you a bunch of moisturising benefits as it includes olive oil, cypress oil, coconut oil an rose oil – all the oils! If you were going to pick only one out of the three, I’d say go for this one.

If you’d like to read more on some products I personally LOVE from Lush, take a look at my shower gel collection post!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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