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If you’re an active user of the internet and any social media platform, you’ve probably come across the brand HiSmile. Their marketing team must really be on it as they’ve got a bunch of celebrities and influencers like Kylie and Kendall Jenner promoting their teeth whitening products like they’re the best thing ever. After months of resisting the brand I finally caved and jumped on the HiSmile try-out band wagon to see if it was really worth the hype.

Like many other people in Melbourne, I’m a hardcore coffee drinker. I used to always tell myself that I didn’t need caffeine and that I just enjoyed the drink, but now in my final year of my undergrad I’ve accepted that I do heavily rely on having my strong skinny cap every morning, before I do anything. Yep, I’m a proper caffeine addict – and this means, coffee teeth (ew). My teeth have been stained by my coffee drinking habit and I thought it’d be time to see if this brand could help me. So, I bought the ‘Ultimate Bundle’ from their website and decided to do their 6 day whitening challenge.

In this bundle you receive three different teeth whitening kits and tools. It includes the original kit that the brand is known for, a teeth whitening pen, and a five pack of a coconut whitening mouthwash. I paid $120.00AUD for the bundle straight from their website, and after a very short delivery time I was ready to go. On first glance I have mad respect for this company’s branding, packaging and attention to detail. Each item is consistent in it’s styling and the information provided and the ingredients are very clearly listed for all products.



Most people who try out HiSmile tend to just start with the LED mouth piece and gels over the six days – but I decided to try out all three of the products included in the bundle of the six days for a ‘go hard or go home’ experience. The instructions for each of these products were super easy to follow with both written and visual steps given. I found the original whitening kit really easy to use and was something I could easily integrate into my daily routine. I also loved the whitening pen as it’s super compact and you could probably use this one anywhere. The one product that I absolutely HATED using, but still liked the results was the mouthwash. I had never tried oil pulling before this and I don’t know how people do it. Having that much coconut oil in my mouth honestly made me want to gag each time I used it. However, as much as I hated the process of using this coconut oil based mouthwash, it did a great job at instantly changing small imperfections and build up on my teeth.


On first glance it doesn’t seem like HiSmile did much for my teeth, and don’t get me wrong I definitely do not think there was a revolutionary change for me. I still have mega staining near the gum of one of my top teeth as well as right between my bottom front teeth (I’ve always had problems with this as those two slightly overlap). I also found it tricky taking my after photo in lighting that was the same as my original photo as I do not use artificial lighting to take my photos (nor do I really have any that are suitable), so I rely purely on whatever the sun decides to do that day.

While it isn’t very evident in these photos, myself and the people I’ve asked can just tell from looking at my teeth that they seem not only less yellow, but also generally cleaner. There were a lot of small yellow stain spots on my teeth before that are no longer there and a lot of the plaque build up has gone. So overall I’m not unhappy with the results, but I think for the amount of money I paid that I wish there was more visible changes. I think I may continue my journey of trying out products to whiten my teeth to see what really works for me – let me know if you’ve got any suggestions!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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