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It’ll come as no surprise to most that I’m a complete home body. I love to be at home and I love even more when my home is a cosy place to be. Now, my living situation isn’t exactly an interior designer’s dream – firstly, I rent – therefore there is an obvious limit to what can be done in my home, no nails in walls, no painting etc etc. Secondly, my home is a share house, to be fair, the people I’m sharing a house with are all my friends, however they’re also boys and there’s limited common spaces in our place so I try to be respectful of other people’s tastes and such. Although, all this aside, I still love to make my home as inviting as possible. I thought I’d share a couple of small things in my home that make me happy, some aren’t exactly the prettiest, but they still make my home, my home.

One of the first comforts I ever noticed in this house was that in the afternoon, the light would filter through the trees in our backyard through my window and create a beautiful effect on the wall and pillows of my bedroom. I remember when I first saw this happen I sat and watched the shadows dance across my wall and I was mesmerized. Ever since I always make sure my blinds are open during the day so this stunning effect is created.

As mentioned before, we rent the place we currently live in so no permanent changes can be made. This has meant that either myself of other people in the house have invested in some furniture pieces that work as statements of a room. Our bar cart is always a talking piece, and the bookshelf that sits by my vanity is my way of storing and displaying all my cute nic-nacs. You’ll notice that plants are a common inclusion in most of the areas of my home. In my opinion having house plants completely transforms a space. We live in a new build townhouse so it’s bones lack character and interest, so the plants bring a bit of life and personality into the various rooms.

This devils ivy in my lounge room has got to be my favourite house plant that I own. When we first bought this guy from the nursery he was teeny tiny and looked quite silly when we repotted him into his current home. But wow, these things GROW. Now the vine sits by the TV unit and what’s great about it’s location is that it makes our large TV kind of not ugly, which I definitely appreciate.

I said there’d be a couple less aesthetically pleasing photographs in this post, and I wasn’t kidding – but I just had to include these two home moments in this post as they really do bring joy to me. In my ensuite, I’ve got a HUGE shower that is huge for no real reason. The benefit of this was that I could keep heaps of my shower products nearby, but we only recently invested in this bamboo shower caddy (before they were grossly all over the shower floor, very messy). Now I’m able to store everything from my shower gels, cleansers, and scrubs to things like my shower speaker and razors – neatly!

Similar to the TV situation, I find fridges super ugly. This personal hate of mine eventually led to the growth of magnets and prints on our fridge. I love the amount of quirky things on our fridge as there aren’t too many that it looks messy, but there’s enough to add a bit of humour and personality to the fridge.

That last comfort of my home that I wanted to include is my greyhound Sydney’s bed. Now, her bed is not the prettiest or neatest of things. It’s filled with soft toys, large blankets, pillows and usually a gross bone of some sort – but – it still makes me happy as my little fur baby is almost always on it hanging out or snoozing, so I take comfort in knowing that she loves her bed just as much as I love mine (if not more). Another wonderful thing about her bed is that it’s wedged between the television unit and our couch, so she’s always nearby when I’m either watching Netflix, studying, writing blog posts or hanging out with my flatmates. She’s the source of most of my happiness so I just had to include her little nook.

These were a few of the little things in my house that make it home. I’ve met a few extreme home bodies in my life and I know they completely understand the appeal in all the little quirks of a home. I hope you liked this little insight into the place I spend most of my time – comment below what the favourite part of your home is!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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