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feelin’ hot hot hot

I was sent a link to an article on Melbourne’s own Hot Sauce & Chilli Festival during the week from my boyfriend and after reading a little bit about the event I knew we had to go, it was only right as intense foodies and chilli lovers. The food fest was held at Northcote’s very own food truck park, ‘Welcome to Thornbury’. For some unknown reason we had never been to the food truck park, but had driven past it many times and said to ourselves that we must go one time, so this was the perfect opportunity to see what the hype was about this place!

As soon as I stepped foot inside this place I understood completely why this is such a foodie favourite location here in Melbourne. The place has a super cool bar for starters, with a wide selection of beers on tap as well as a heap of different kinds of cocktails. There’s seating and table located throughout the site inside and outside, including some undercover seating making this place enjoyable all year round. While I was there I saw a heap of posters for events such as trivia nights (that claim to be “not shit”) and even a mariokart competition, so it seems this place has got something for everyone. The whole venue just has a great vibe that makes it impossible to not feel happy and relaxed, what more could you ask for? Oh what’s that, there’s more!? Welcome to Thornbury wouldn’t be the success it is today without the rotating schedule of food trucks that operate all year, meaning that every time you revisit the food park you’re guaranteed to be able to try something new, a foodie’s dream!

After grabbing the biggest Lemon, Lime and Bitters I’ve ever had, we decided to give a few of the food trucks a go. My personal favourite was definitely the fried chicken truck that made EXCELLENT fried chicken ribs and tenderloins served with amazing fries and even better sauces. We also tried a pulled pork bun with slaw that was also delish, as well as some Korean BBQ chicken ribs and some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve had in my life.

As well as what we ate, there was also a few other food trucks including a mini donut stand, Mr Burger and a taco truck, all of which had specialty dishes produced especially for the chilli fest. I’d say that the selection of trucks at the festival were very fitting to the festival theme of Hot Sauce & Chilli, however none of the dishes were overly hot, meaning there was something there for everyone that would be of great quality. At the bar there was even a chilli shot that was allegedly so hot you needed to sign a waiver for it, I decided to pass on that bad boy.

Before we called it a day we HAD to check out the hot sauce stalls, all of which were locally produced hot sauces with levels of heat ranging from a gentle peppery paste that could be used for pasta, to a scorcher hot sauce that even made my nose run – which is very hard to do. All of the stands allowed free samples so you could test your taste bud’s limits and get a feel for the amazing flavours that could be achieved in hot sauce. We of course made a few purchases to add to our home collection and they’ve already been put to use.

Overall, this was such a lovely day out with friends. It was really nice to step away from our screens and just spend time with good people, good food and good surroundings – (the music was also hella good too). After this trip to the Thornbury Food Truck Park I can definitely say that I’ll be back, stomach ready to take on a whole lot more tasty treats.

Much love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**



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