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Product: Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette
Brand: Huda Beauty
Cost: $95.00 AUD RRP (on Sephora)

As far as Huda Beauty goes, I’ve never been overly keen or interested in the products released in the past. I was never tempted to buy the rose gold palette due to some up and down reviews, and the colour story was just a little so-so as far as what I was looking for in a palette at the time. I don’t mind the liquid lipsticks, however I find application odd as the formula is very, very liquid so they tend to be hit or miss for me. I didn’t see myself buying many Huda Beauty products, however when I saw NikkieTutorials review and do a demo on the new Desert Dusk palette over on her YouTube channel I was drawn in instantly.

I N I T I A L  T H O U G H T S

There were a few reasons why I was drawn to this palette when I saw it. Firstly, the packaging. I find the packaging of this palette to be a HUGE step up from the rose gold palette – for reference, the last palette did not have a mirror and the lid/covering wasn’t solid, and instead had a plastic window showing the pans inside. This packaging is a lot sturdier and the branding is far more on point for the company, in my opinion at least.

The other main thing that really caught my attention with this palette were the many different formulas included in the palette. The Desert Dusk Palette includes eight mattes, six pressed pearls, three duo-chrome toppers, and one pure glitter. Not only did this variety of formulas excite me, but the application of them across the colours is just stunning. I’m a sucker for all things duo-chrome and it was so nice to see so many in one palette, all so unique but wearable. That brings me to my final reason for purchasing this palette, the colour story for me is just my definition of fun but wearable. I love warm tones, purples, glitters and pinks for the eyes and this palette has all of that. The only thing I’d say it’s missing colour wise would be a brow bone highlight – however I can go without for a palette so, so lovely.

T H E  B R E A K D O W N

Now I know what you’re all thinking, because I thought it myself with the Rose Gold palette – that this thing is so damn expensive. Almost $100 for a palette is not something I’d ever consider spending on a palette, and I love makeup. But after a bit of digging online there’s a couple ways to get this bad boy for a little cheaper. I bought mine on Cult Beauty (a British makeup site), where it retails for £56.00, which exchanges into Australian currency at $95.00, the RRP for the palette at Australian Sephora stores. The beautiful perk with shopping on Cult Beauty however is that the tax is removed at checkout so you save yourself some $$$. In fact, my palette after the tax removal came to £46.00 which is $78.60 (currently) in AUD. That’s a decent saving, and with free shipping it was a done deal for me. 

Even after the discount, this palette seems to be a bit pricey, so I thought I’d do some comparisons on the amount of product you get for your money with an assortment of palettes. In this palette, you’ll pay somewhere between $78.60-95.00AUD for a total net weight of 25.2g, that means in each pan you’re getting 1.4g of product. Based off the Aussie RRP it works out that you’re paying $5.27 per shadow, which isn’t too bad, seeing that there are endless single pans of shadow on the market retailing anywhere between $5.00-50.00. I’ll make a quick comparison to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, another favourite of mine. That palette retails for $75.00 and comes with 14 pans with a total net weight of 7.9g, making the price-per-shadow $5.36. So when you think about it, this palette isn’t really ‘hella expensive’, but rather just a larger palette that includes more colours therefore more cost. (Ps. I tried finding another 18-pan high end palette for comparison but the only one I could find are the Natasha Denona palettes and that would just be a waste of time).


After swatching the colours in this palette quite a lot, and playing with a few different looks I’ve got a good idea on what I like and don’t like about the colours and formulas in this palette. As you’ll probably be able to tell from the swatches I’m going to leave below, the metallics all swatch BEAUTIFULLY, the duo chromes toppers are stunning and I’ve even found the application of the glitter fairly easy when you use a sticky/wet base. The mattes swatch out kind of weird, I found that they were quite powdery to the touch, and some of the shades take a bit more work when blending out (I had this problem mainly with the colours ‘musk’ and ‘amethyst’.) – but they do eventually blend out nicely. The biggest disappointment, colour pay off wise for me was ‘amethyst’. I know purples are super tricky to do well, but when this palette is branded as a purple-based palette, I feel like the quality and pigment of this colour could have been a little richer.


Overall, I think this is a beautiful palette that is well worth the splurge. The colour selection allows for so, so many different kinds of looks from everyday to editorial. I’d say that the standout shades for me in this palette would have to be cosmo, turkish delight, twilight and amber. I cannot wait to continue creating stunning looks, I am in love! What’s the most expensive palette you’ve treated yourself to? Do you find that the splurge was worth it and would / have you bought this palette? Let me know!!

Quality: 9/10
Packaging: 10/10
Versatility: 8/10
Value: 8/10

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**

  • Serena


    This palette looks so fucking good. I’ve read a lot of different opinions on it… The only thing we seem to all agree on is how pretty it looks ahah! Your photographs are beautiful x

    • ebonyhopmans

      Thankyou love! I really think it’s a good one, think it’ll become a ride or die for me 😀 xx

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