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I’m a huge Kat Von D Beauty fan, some of my ride or die products are KVD products and I can’t imagine life without them. If there was one lip shade that KVD was known for, it would have to be ‘lolita’. I remember there was a time when this particular liquid lipstick would be sold out everywhere, and you’d be really lucky to get your hands on it. The brand recently released a cheek and eye shadow to in the legendary shade of ‘lolita’. I knew as soon as I saw the release for it in the US I’d have to get my hands on it when it came to Australia – and I did! I’m not usually one to spend a high amount of money on a single eyeshadow (this one retails for $30AUD), but this one I made an exception for.


As I already own lolita in the everlasting liquid lipstick formula, I thought I’d compare the two side by side to see just how similar the colour is to the OG ‘lolita’. Lolita as a liquid lip is described to be a ‘chestnut rose’ that dries down matte and sits as a lovely rosy nude on a variety of skin tones. The powder product is a limited edition release, although I’m not exactly sure how ‘limited’ the release is – as I’m writing this post the shadow is currently sold out at Sephora (aus) but hopefully it comes back in stock soon! The description of the shadow states that the colour is directly inspired by the liquid lipstick and will give you that same ‘chestnut rose’ finish.

To start with the comparison I decided to swatch the powder and liquid lip side by side. I swatched the powder two ways, the first being one swipe, and the second swatch built up a bit more. At first glance, the lipstick is obviously more pigmented in colour – and that isn’t a surprise to me as generally with lip products users are looking for a more opaque application. I think the colour match was done excellently, at first when I saw the shadow in the pan I was a little intimiated and thought it would be super pimented, but it seems to be quite buildable a wearable!


I decided to properly compare the colour finish of both the lippie and shadow by creating a look where I used the everlasting liquid lipstick in ‘lolita’ with the shadow applied as both blush and eyeshadow. Overall I LOVE this look, I find that the shadow compliments the lipstick perfectly and can be used in both a natural and more glam way. As for using the shadow for blush, I was able to make it work but I did have to use a very light hand due to my very pale complexion. I found the shadow super easy to blend and got a number of compliments on my eye makeup when I wore it. For those of you who love the ‘lolita’ lip, I highly recommend picking up the shadow as not only is it a stunning collector’s item to own, but it’s also a gorgeous colour and formula.

Much love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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