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If you’ve read any of my reviews on Colourpop, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the brand. I think so many of the products and releases are such fantastic value for money and it’s got to be my one of my go-to’s for any kind of look. Recently one of my favourite YouTubers KathleenLights released yet another collaboration with Colourpop. Kathleen has created a lot of products with the brand, and I’ve always loved the releases they’ve come out with. When I saw her video for the ‘Dream St’ release I  knew I wanted to get my hands on all the products, and now that they’ve arrived I’m already in love with them!


Firstly, the packaging of this palette is to die for – it’s just a rose gold marble dream. When I first saw the colour range of the palette I knew I’d love it as it has a variety of cool and warm tone mattes with a series of wearable and more unique metallic shades. I feel like she got the colour range for this palette spot on as it perfectly describes all the makeup styles Kathleen loves and is always using. I also felt that the palette was unlike any of the ones already available from Coloupop. All of the shades swatched beautifully (despite my blurry swatch photo), and application has been amazing each time I’ve used the palette so far. The Dream St. palette retails for $16USD which I think is super affordable for such good quality shadows.


I was surprisingly intrigued by the lip colours that were going to be released in the Dream St. range. I have so, so many lip products that I find it hard to come across something that shouts ‘buy me! buy me! you don’t have anything like me!’ – but I actually got that feeling with all three of the shades. As a result, I purchased the lip trio and I’m so glad I did. The trio includes two of the Ultra Satin Lip formulas, and one Ultra Glossy Lip. The three shades include an amazing peachy nude that I think would suit just about everyone, a muted pink gloss with tiny gold shimmers throughout, and what has to be the best hot orange lip colour I’ve ever come across. I’m so excited to try these colours out as I know I love the formula already, these three will definitely be treasured members of my collection.


Overall I’m SO happy with this release, it has to be my favourite collaboration Kathleen has done with Coloupop so far and I can see these products becoming some of my most loved. As always I find Coloupop products to be the best value for money in the makeup world, and I’d always recommend the brand to those who love makeup but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for an eyeshadow. What’s been your favourite release from Colourpop recently? They’re always coming out with new products that I find it so hard to keep up!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**All photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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