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My Bellabox for November arrived about a week ago and marked the end of my Bellabox journey (for now). Despite the fact that when I opened this box I was SO SO impressed, it seemed that every box I had received before it for a few months running had been disappointing for one or five reasons. I found that I was receiving products that I had gotten many times previously or even products that didn’t suit my account profile given to the company. As a result I told myself that after November I would pause my subscription for three months to observe the boxes released during that time and then decide afterwards whether to continue my subscription or cancel it. Now seemed like a good time to pause my Bellabox subscription as I’m going to be away during December and January so I just went for it!

Now as I said at the start of this post I was mega excited when I opened this box as I feel Bellabox really stepped up their game. The theme for the November box was ‘Get Your Glow On’ and they really did hit the nail on the head theme to product wise. The products that I received in this box were all ones that I would strongly associate with glowy skin, hair and makeup so kudos to them! Another thing to note with this box which I found AMAZING is that everyone (who wanted one) received a condom from Moments – I chucked mine when I got it as I don’t have use for it, but I think it’s wonderful that Bellabox supported sexual confidence as it’s so so important!


Product: John Frieda Beach Blonde Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo, 295ml | RRP $15.99 295ml | Available from Woolies, Coles, Chemist Warehouse and Priceline

This shampoo was the first thing I noticed when I opened up the box as it took up most of the box and explained why my parcel was so heavy! At first I was confused by the branding of the shampoo being called ‘beach blonde’, I assumed that this shampoo was a blonde shampoo as anyone would. But when I read the back of the bottle and the card in the box I realised that this purifying shampoo with mint can be used on any hair type and suited heat damage hair – which is definitely my hair! I cannot wait to try this out and it’s super exciting to see a full sized shampoo in the box instead of the usual foil packet samples.


Product: Estee Lauder Modern Muse EDP, 1.5ml | RRP $98, 30ml | Available from Myer, David Jones and Pharmacies

I definitely noticed when I got my box that it smelt much nicer than usual, and I’m putting it down to this perfume sample from Estee Lauder. The teeny tiny sample contains the Modern Muse EDP which has notes of jasmine, patchouli, vanilla and musk to give off woody aromas. When I first give this little thing a spritz I was overwhelmed as most of my scents in my collections are EDT’s and tend to not be overly strong. In saying this I definitely enjoyed the scent of this sample and can see it being PERFECT for Spring and Summer.


Product: Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator, 20ml | RRP $29.00, 20ml | Available from Brand Site

This next product was the advertised feature of the month, with every subscriber receiving one of the Glo Illuminators from Manna Kadar, a product known to be a cult favourite of the Kardashians. This liquid illuminator is another full sized product and has the type of formula that is highly versatile and can be used mixed in with foundation or moisturizer, applied as liquid highlighter and even rubbed into the body to give a subtle glow. The colour of this product is a very subtle highlight with a pink sheen, a colour that I think would look great on a number of skintones.


Product: Vitamasque Sheet Mask, Pomegranate, 1xmask | RRP $5.99 | Available from Priceline

I didn’t see this next product until I was right at the bottom of the box and it was a pleasant surprise!! I LOVE sheetmasks and always get excited when I see them in these types of boxes. There were five different possible sheet masks subscribers could receive in this month’s box, all with vital ingredients. I received Pomegranate which I was super happy with, this particular sheet mask is geared to moisturise, firm and lift the skin and I can’t wait to use this one evening!


Product: Evodia Hand Cream in Byron Bay Frangipani, 50ml | RRP $14.95, 100ml | Available at Myer or from Brand Site

Firstly, how GORGEOUS is the packaging of this hand cream?! This half size sample from Evodia was another that all customers would be receiving in a certain scent, mine being Bryon Bay Frangipani. Usually when I read Frangipani scents I tend to associate them with being overly floral and irritating for my senses, but after using this hand cream a few times my mind has been changed, I LOVE this scent! It’s super light but still moisturising and nourishing for the hands.


The overall value of the full sized products available in store that came in my box was $163.93AUD, making the total value of the products in my box $63.30AUD. Unlike other box evaluations I’ve done, this one has quite the gap between the samples and full sized equivalents as there was a perfume sample in this box, which are always tiny and therefore not worth much of the full value. I’m so happy to finish my journey with Bellabox on such a positive box, I can’t wait to see where this company goes and who knows I might come back to them if there are more boxes like this one in the future!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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