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It’s been a while since I last did a Lush haul, but when I walked into the store and saw all the new Easter products I IMMEDIATELY grabbed a basket. Now, if you’ve read any of my past Lush posts you’ll be wondering why on earth I bought bath bombs as I’m always going on about not having a bath in my house, well – there have been some changes in my bathing life! I recently moved house and yep you guessed it, this one has a bath! (let’s all take a moment to pray for my wallet). So of course when I saw this range I went a little overboard….


I decided to pick up two bath bombs, both were fairly pricey but they were also both HUGE and full of goodness. I grabbed the ‘Which came first’ bath bomb with the stripes pattern and I also got the pink/purple combo of the ‘Free Rangers’ bomb. I’ve already used ‘which came first’ and it was a wonderful experience, it had a lovely citrus scent that I felt was perfect for an Easter release. The second bath bomb that I purchased, which I am yet to use, is the ‘Free Rangers’ bomb in the pink/purple colourwave. Now this one was a pricey addition, but I didn’t mind as I think you could easily use half of it and make it last over two baths – the scent of this bath bomb had been compared to the comforter with blackcurrant notes, but I actually love it so much more as I find it’s not as sweet. I can’t wait to use it!


While bath bombs are exciting and amazing, I do love myself a traditional bubble bath – and why not make it a special one! I only got two of the bubble bar products from the release as I wasn’t a fan of some of the others as I felt they smelt a little like a farm (lol). The ones I did pick up however were the infamous ‘bunch of carrots’ and the pink and blue ‘cream egg’. I knew going in that I’d want to grab the bunch of carrots if they had them as they’re such a cult favourite and I’ve never tried them before. When I saw the cream egg I wasn’t expecting to like it as it looked like it could be super sweet – but I was WRONG. The scent of this bubble bar is a delicious minty chocolate, however more of an emphasis on the mint. I cannot wait to use this one and I think I may need to stock up if it’s a success in the bath!


I was just about to pay for all the goodies in my basket when this gorgeous shimmering egg caught my attention. I knew immediately that I’d want it, because let’s be real – it’s stunning. But I wanted it even more when I read that it was a bath bomb MELT. I’ve always loved Lush’s bath melts and oils and it saddens me that they don’t have many of them available these days, when they did have lots I used to love buying some to pair with bath bombs to create a super moisturising and luxurious bath experience. So when I saw that this one product acted as both I got super excited. A huge plus that I learned while I was in the store is that all of Lush’s glitter is actually derived from seaweed, not plastic. So when you drain your bath and all the glitter particles make their way back to wherever they go – they can decompose, super cool!


This is the first Easter release of Lush’s that I’ve actually done a decent haul on, for some reason my attention for limited releases was always drawn to Christmas and Valentine’s – but it seems that they’re stepping up their Easter ranges! I do wish though that they’d come out with more shower gels and other products to broaden the range even further, like they do with Christmas. I’m so excited to make my way through these colourful goodies, and may need to go back and repurchase some! Have you hauled anything from Lush’s Easter release this year? Let me know in the comments.

Much Love, Ebony xo

** All photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself **


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