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I’ve had a slightly unhealthy addiction to Lush Cosmetics for many years. I’d say that Lush would have to be my favourite company out there. I admire the company ethics and really love the notion of supporting handmade. I haven’t encountered many (if any) products from the company that I haven’t adored – I indulge myself with shower products, skincare, haircare and makeup on a daily basis so I thought its only fair for me to share of love for Lush on this blog. For this post, I’m going to talk you some of my favourite shower gels and creams and what it is about each that I love, as well as some descriptions on the ingredients and benefits of each of the products. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Ebony, no one needs this many shower gels”, and to that I say you’re absolutely correct, but I don’t care! My shower product collection grew significantly when I moved into my current flat as it has no bath (a moment of silence, please) – so I’ve filled the hole in my bath bomb loving heart with DELISH shower gels.


Lush’s shower gels have a formula and feel similar to a traditional shower gel, they’re quite soapy in feel and lather up super easily. Lush explains their shower gels as handmade products with fresh fruit, floral infusions and essential oils that will gently clean your skin as well as impact your mood. I definitely agree with the mood statement, it’s one of the great bonuses of having a variety of shower products with different scents. I’ve got scents that are great for anything from nighttime unwinding to summer refreshers.

Rose Jam: The rose jam scent is BY FAR my favourite lush scent, I adore every product from the range and I always stock up on this Christmas-exclusive shower gel every December and July. I’d say this is also the shower gel that I use the most, the scent isn’t too sweet but it’s also not a ‘grandma’ rose scent. Rose Jam shower gel is made up of Turkish rose and vanilla pod infusion, with benefits of Argan oil to nourish the skin. My favourite!

Twilight: This shower gel is fairly new to me, I bought it as soon as it saw it in the Christmas in July release and I think it is wonderful! Twilight shower gel was inspired by the much loved bath bomb and I think it’s the perfect winter scent. This gel is lavender scented, but isn’t overly intense as it’s balanced by the sweet tonka. My favourite time to use this gel is right before bed, it’s super calming with a nice lingering scent to get you ready for sleep time.

Beautiful: I’m a sucker for travel-scents. Whenever I go somewhere for a holiday I’ll usually invest in a new shower scent, then, whenever I use the product back home it’ll instantly take me back to that holiday. I bought the Beautiful shower gel for my trip to Sydney over New Years 2016 and I used it every morning in the shower. This shower gel has a scent that is super juicy and summery with both peach and apricot infused in the gel.

Snow Fairy: I think it’s fairly safe to say that this scent is a lush cult favourite, every Christmas release this shower gel is usually the first thing to sell out as it’s in such high demand. Snow Fairy isn’t my favourite scent as it is very, very sweet – but in saying that I’ve found that when I’ve had a sweet craving that I find myself using this shower gel to indulge my sweet tooth. This candy floss and bubblegum scent is a big favourite of my little sisters and many out there.


As well as shower gels, Lush also creates and sells a variety of shower creams. I tried looking for an official explanation of shower creams online but wasn’t able to find one from Lush, so I’ll try to recall how they’ve been explained to me by staff members at various Lush stores over the years. The most obvious difference between Lush’s gels and creams is the consistency and appearance. Shower Creams are a lot more opaque, often appearing solid in their given colour. From my personal experience the shower creams do not lather up as much as the gels, as they’re a little less like liquid soap and more leaning towards a liquid body conditioner or as the name suggests – a body cream. The Lush shower creams are known to have scents that linger for much longer than the shower gels, I’d say that in summary the formula of the creams is almost like a gel, but concentrated.

Lord of Misrule: Up there with Rose Jam, the lord of misrule scent is one of my favourites at Lush. I first discovered this scent through the bath bomb in the ‘Christmas in July 2015’ launch and I was in love. The bath bomb is a little sweeter than the shower cream, so when I first sniffed this guy in the store in the form of a cream I was a little unsure. I thought the scent was quite masculine and peppery, so I put off trying it out. I was later given a sample of this scent to try out and I LOVED it, much to my surprise. This green, gooey, goodness in a bottle is made up of patchouli, peppercorn and black pepper with some vanilla infusion – leaving you with a delicious lingering scent for hours.

The Comforter: Similar to Snow Fairy, I’ll lean towards this delish shower cream when I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. Whenever I smell any product from the comforter range I’m immediately reminded of Ribena (the blackcurrant cordial). It’s a very nostalgic scent that really is quite comforting (pun intended).  The two scents that come together to create The Comforter are sweet cassis and vanilla bean, resulting in a berry-heavy scent.

Yuzu and Cocoa: I remember when this scent was made permanent in the Lush Summer Release at the beginning of 2016. This shower cream was instantly my favourite from the collection and I think this scent is so different to all the other shower products I own. This guy consists of the super popular citrus yuzu as well as cocoa and tonka absolutes. The resulting scent is one that isn’t too chocolatey or citrusy, but rather the perfect balance of both.

Yummy Mummy: I bought this scrumptious shower cream during the Mother’s Day release last year and decided to treat myself rather than gift it to my mother, which was the intention of the release of this shower cream – but I couldn’t resist! The first thing that caught my eye about this product was the STUNNING purple hue of the product. The Yummy Mummy scent is made up of geranium oil, Brazilian orange oil and tonka absolute resulting in a subtly sweet and indulgent scent that I always come back to.

There you have it! That is my Lush shower gel and cream collection. I’m always keen to expand on my lush addiction, and shower products are one of my favourite ways to indulge myself! Let me know what shower gel or cream is your favourite from Lush and why you love it! I’d love to hear from you!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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