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2017 has been many things for me, rekindling friendships, rediscovery, and new journeys. I wanted to share some of my favourite things that brought me happiness during this year – for one reason or another. I won’t go into a huge amount of detail on every item/thing as there are quite a few, but I can’t wait to show you the things that I loved during the year of 2017, I’d also love to hear what some of your favourites were!


Like always, beauty is one of my favourite topics to reflect on as far as favourites go. It’s a chance to look at what I couldn’t stop using throughout the year and gives me a chance to perhaps sort through items I may not need. This year I’ve had many beauty loves that it was tricky narrowing it down to just a handful. 2017 was the year that I decided to no longer hate lip gloss, and it was the Fenty Beauty lip gloss that did just that. I find the colour of this gloss to be perfect and looks great either on it’s own or paired with lip colours.

Other hits for me included the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer – I finally got my hands on this through a site called iHerb, as it’s almost impossible to buy it from Priceline and it is by far my favourite bronzer I’ve ever used. I recently repurchased my third one and I’m sure it’ll be gone soon! I also found my match made in brow-heaven by pairing the NYX micro brow pencil (in espresso) and the Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel in the darker shade – these two make for the most perfect, feathery brows I could ever ask for!

My last beauty favourites are the two items I’ve been the most OBSESSED with this year. After watching a few of NikkieTutorials’ videos on YouTube where she uses a jumbo fan brush to contour, I knew I had to try it out. I bought this one is a brush set from Morphe Brushes and I’ve been using it for contouring for the most of this year! It makes for such a stunning contour that is striking whilst still looking beautifully blended and subtle.

I’ve also fallen head over heels with Orange-red lip colours, and the Ultra Matte Liquid Lip in ‘Mama’ by Colourpop has been my favourite – so much so that all the text on the tube has completely come off. I find this colour to be the perfect red for my skintone, it’s a lot more wearable than a true red as the orange gives it a casual twist, and I’m always getting compliments when I wear it.


I’ve tried out a bunch of new skincare this year and I’ve ended up with a bunch of ride or die products. For shaving, I absolutely adore using the Lush Cosmetics D’Fluff Shaving Soap for many reasons. Not only does it make for a super smooth shave that leaves my skin feeling nourished, but it hasn’t got any nasty ingredients in it and it smells amazing. I also find that this shaving soap formula lasts forever, I’ve had this tub for most of this year and I’ve still got A LOT left.

When I first reviewed a bunch of Pixi Beauty products I didn’t expect to fall in love with the Double Cleanse as much as I did for removing makeup. I had already been using various balms to remove eye makeup for a while, but this one feels even gentler than other I’ve used previously. The balm then paired with the cleansing cream makes for a wonderfully gentle makeup removal. Mine is practically empty so I’ll be sure to buy another ASAP.

Continuing on with the skincare, these three products are ones that have become crucial parts of my skincare routine. The Body Shop Amazonian Saviour is a multi-purpose balm that has been an absolute dream for me as far as caring for eczema and stretch marks. I will apply a generous amount of this balm to my problem areas before going to bed and by the morning my skin will be in tip top condition.

I’ve been using these next two products for more than this year now, however I’ve truly become addicted to them both over 2017. Angels on Bare Skin Fresh Facial Cleanser from Lush Cosmetics has been my go-to cleanser for a long time now as I find it’s perfectly suited for my skin. It’s gentle and nourishing whilst giving my face a good clean. Another product that I can’t go to bed without is the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips. This stuff is no joke, the BEST lip balm I’ve come across in my whole life. The formulation of this product is so thick that you only need to apply a tiny amount before sleeping and your lips will be in the best condition by morning. Another pro of this product is that it honestly lasts forever. I’ve had this tube for nearly two years and use it every night and it’s still going strong, love!


These last few items are the kinds that don’t necessarily fit into the main categories but have been super loves for me this year. I’ve been mega into music this year (take a look here to see my spotify series posts), Spotify has allowed me to discover so much new and wonderful music that makes my day. The album I feel has been my favourite of 2017 is ‘Melodrama’ by Lorde. I’ve loved Lorde’s music for a long time now, and I honestly think this album has been my favourite of hers and I love every song on it.

As I balanced my final year of my undergrad at uni with a nannying job and keeping up to date with this blog, sleep has been crucial for me. I came across this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from Thisworks and it’s made it’s way into my nighttime routine. Each night just before bed I spray this on my pillow and find the scent so soothing and calming – making for the perfect night’s sleep. Lastly, I bought this neon flamingo from Kmart last year for my 21st birthday, and my flatmates loved it so much that the whole house has just become flamingo crazy. I had to include this guy in my favourites as it sparked an amazing ongoing joke with my housemates and of course makes for a super funky bar.


All of these products have brought me joy in one way or another and I love them all – but if I’m honest my favourite thing about 2017 is the rekindled friendship I made with some of my friends from high school. I’m not one to socialize much as I’m quite the introvert – but keeping in touch with this group of girls has made me feel so grateful to have such caring and wonderful women in my life whom I love. And of course, my final favourite is my greyhound, Sydney. We rescued her six months ago now and she’s very quickly become my best fur friend and I love her quriky weirdness oh so much.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite things from 2017! Let me know what your favourites were from this year and what you’re looking forward to next year! I can’t believe it’s already 2018 – slow down!

Much Love, Ebony xo

 **all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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