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My absolute favourite way to accessorize any outfit is with some statement jewelry, I’ll usually go for some crazy dangle earrings or a choker (or both!). I thought I’d show you my choker collection as to be honest, I’ve got a lot – so much so that I’m almost proud of my collection! Where possible I’ll link where I got each piece from, however you’ll find that most (like the one shown above) are from Kmart, and are hella cheap. I try not to spend to much on chokers individually as I know that they’re trend pieces that I’ll probably get over fairly quickly, also they’re prone to breaking as they’re always fastened tightly around the neck.

As mentioned before, I get most of my chokers from Kmart. They’ve always got new pieces coming in weekly and not many people know about them so they’re rarely ever sold out. The first choker I bought from Kmart was actually the black shell-pattern above, and I wore it to death – it’s still one of my favourites as it seems to go excellently with whatever look I put together and I always get compliments when I wear it!

These three are also from Kmart. Some of the came in sets which usually retail at $4-6AUD (bargain), and others like this black choker/necklace hybrid came as statement singles for around $4-5AUD, although they’re often on clearance for around $2.00. I like buying lots of chokers that are on the thin / minimal side as they’re fabulous to layer and pair with other chokers, which is what I’ll usually do with this simple metallic gold choker. Love!

This pastel pink set I purchased a few months ago (also from Kmart) have been an addiction of mine for my everyday wardrobe. As you can probably tell by my hair & makeup styling, I’m obsessed with pink tones in fashion, so much so that I’ve accepted that my aesthetic is millennial pink. I love the floral lace design as it’s a understated statement piece (can that even exist?), by that I mean that unlike my black shell lace choker this one is a bit softer and well, more pastel. The other choker that came in this set was this sheer pink strap choker, that I also love.

Now, this one is (slightly) different to my pastel aesthetic. I bought this dominatrix style choker at Dangerfield for about $12.00AUD and I LOVE it. Whenever I wear this guy I’m destined to get lots of comments from fam and friends on how I “look like a dog” or am putting off some kink vibes, but I do not care! I love how this piece contrasts with my pale skin and I think it pairs well with a lot of my clothes and makeup choices. I like to rock this choker with an all black outfit, messy hair and a winged liner makeup look.

Another completely over the top choker in my collection is this AMAZING pink ruffle choker from ASOS (they don’t stock it anymore though). Right as I was trying to put this on my neck for this photo the clasp completely broke (remember my point about not spending much on chokers as they always break?), so that is why it looks a little loose and sad on my neck in this photo! But, I had to include this piece in my collection post as it really is one of my favourites, no matter how extra it is!

These two beauties are pieces I purchased from Lovisa, an accessory shop here in Australia. While I LOVE the designs Lovisa comes out with for chokers I don’t seem to go for them as for some reason they’re designed for people with a teeny tiny neck, so when I try to rock them I literally am choking. These two however are pieces that haven’t tried to kill me! The first I just had to buy because I love all things holographic (holosexuals where you at?) and whenever I wear it I feel like a badass spacegirl. The second I fell in love with instantly and is still one of my favourites in my collection, despite it getting a bit discoloured. I think it’s a nice twist on a traditional necklace.

To wrap my collection up are these two beauties. The first is a denim choker that I got on sale at Sportsgirl about a year ago and it was my go-to choker over summer last year and I think it will be again for the coming summer! it goes brilliantly with summer looks, maxi dresses and cold shoulder tops – especially if they’re denim. The second and last in this collection is another choker from Kmart (surprise, surprise) that I got in a set that had the same design in brown and cream, but this one is my favourite for that same reason of contrasting nicely with my pale skin.

There you have it! That was most of my choker collection and how each of the pieces look on myself! Let me know which of these is your personal favourite, and whether you’d be interested in seeing a similar post to this one, but all about my statement earring collection!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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