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I think I’ve got to be one of the fussiest people when it comes to scents. I absolutely cannot stand overly sweet smells, but I also try my hardest to not let my fragrances become to grandma-esqe, but rather…  grandma-chic? I’ve managed to round up my top scents that I feel can be used all year round and you’ll see why I love each of them A LOT. No matter what the event, season or vibe is – I always feel naked without perfume. Scents I feel add such a personal touch to every outfit, they can really reflect the styling and even your mood that day. To me, scents can boost my confidence and really help me out with feeling like a boss-ass-woman. So… lets get into the top five! (In no particular order)

  1. Marc Jacobs, DAISY (edt) –
    Top Notes: violet leaf, strawberry, red ruby grapefruit
    Heart Notes: gardenia, violet petals, jasmine
    Base Notes: musk, white woods, vanilla
    I first fell in love with Daisy in the summer of 2013. It was the first non-celebrity perfume I had ever splurged on after high school and I instantly was hooked. I wore this perfume every single day religiously, and it very quickly became my signature scent. When my first bottle ran out I did not repurchase (lord knows why), and I only recently just bought a new bottle and my love for this stunning scent has been re-kindled.
    I don’t find this scent too overpowering, but it definitely still lingers – which is a main desire that I have when looking for scents. I find this perfume perfect for the spring and summer time, however I do find myself spritzing it every now and then during the colder months.
  2.  Ellie Saab, LE PARFUM (edp)
    Notes: orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli, white flower, cedarwood, rose honey
    I discovered this perfume when it came in my Bellabox valentines subscription box as a deluxe mini, and OH MY GOODNESS I love it. Non-grandma rose and floral scents have always been a favourite of mine and I adore this scent on myself oh-so-much.
    I usually will wear this scent on crisp winter days, paired with a slightly more formal outfit. As the bottle I currently have is a mini it strangely feels more special, so I tend to use this guy for events and special days – don’t ask me why my brain works like this.
  3. Elizabeth & James, NIRVANA BLACK (edp)
    Top Notes: violet
    Heart Notes: sandalwood
    Base Notes: vanilla
    Nirvana Black is one of my only ‘luxurious’ scents, and the bottle I have is the little roller ball but I do love this one so, so much. I had heard many bloggers talk about this scent as one of their ride-or-die products, and I was very curious but could not get my hands on it until recently when Sephora opened here in Australia.
    I will typically go for nirvana as a nighttime scent, for events that are a little more formal. I definitely think that I wear this product when I want to feel older. The persona that is created when I wear this is a me that is sophisticated, powerful and a general badass lady who no one will mess with – and I freaking love that.
    Top Notes: bergamot, tea
    Heart Notes: jasmine, peach, lychee, freesia
    Base Notes: sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, musk
    I have a soft spot for Korres perfumes. I came across them in Mecca Maxima about a year ago and thought the scents were very unique and unlike anything I both owned and had come across before. I own two of the Korres EDT’s, but this one is definitely my favourite.
    One of the main things I adore about this product is the packaging. I am a complete design nut and am the most guilty when it comes to judging a product by it’s cover. The bottle is a beautiful rectangular design with custom elements on each scent that are designed to reflect the notes of each product. I think this perfume is very versatile and as it is an EDT I feel many can wear it well. It isn’t too overpowering – similar to daisy – but the scent definitely lingers.
  5. The Body Shop, BRITISH ROSE (edt)
    Top Notes: bergamot, manderin
    Heart Notes: water lily, rose water, peony
    Base Notes: peach, musk
    British Rose is one of my more subtle scents, it’s one of those ‘keep in your bag and touch up when you’re not feeling too hot’ kind of perfumes – which is exactly how I love to use this product. I’d say that I go through the body shop EDT’s fairly quickly as they are weaker in scent and are good to spray onto clothing as well as skin.
    The scent of this is fairly similar to Ellie Saab in that it is very floral in a non-grandma kind of way. I will often pair the two together for events when I want to make sure I’m smelling extra fabulous for longer. The absolute cherry on top with this product, which is one of the main reasons this is included in my top five, is that it is SO cheap. You can grab this product from The Body Shop for about $25.00AUD which I think is a bargain for the quality of product.


Much love, Ebony xx

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**

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