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So in a week I will be setting off with some of my family on a month long trip to Austria and England. It is going to be my first ever time leaving the country and I’m feeling all the emotions leading up to the trip. The last couple of weeks have been a mix of pure excitement and overwhelming anxiety as I’m also quite terrified by the concept of travelling. I’m a home body, so I’m rarely away from my home for more than two or three days. I thought I’d share with you some of my travel essentials that I have gathered as my crucial items to have with me to keep me calm, collected and able to enjoy this amazing experience as much as I can. Now let’s get into a few of my travel essentials and why they’re so important for me!

one. a good bag
I’m always on the search for the perfect satchel bag and when I came across this lovely black bag with gold accents from Typo I knew it would be perfect for this trip as it wasn’t too pricey but definitely would do the job. This particular bag is the perfect size for all my belongings and can fit all these items into it just wonderfully.

two. headphones
Also from Typo, these black wireless headphones have been a favourite of mine ever since they arrived at my door a few weeks ago. The sound quality these give is amazing considering how affordable they were. These will definitely come in handy on the plane when I’m feeling particularly anxious (I HATE flying) and can shut out.

three. passport (duh) and something to keep it safe
As this is my first ever trip overseas, it was also my first time ever applying for a passport. Now that I’ve finally got one I want to keep it as save as I can, this stunning passport holder from tde. gifted to me by my best friend should do the job just perfectly. I’ve always loved the brand for gifting but I’ve never owned a piece from them myself, and the personal touches of my initials makes this item just that extra bit precious.

four. a book to read
As someone who is very anxious, I tend to feel pressured to over prepare. So taking a book like this travel guide to Vienna will help distract my mind whilst also giving me inspiration and ideas on places to see and things to do whilst on my trip. I’ve already been noting all the things that have stood out to me in this book and it’s making me very excited to arrive in Vienna!

five. a travel friendly camera
Other than my iPhone, the camera that I use for just about everything blog related is a big Canon DSLR. While it takes brilliant photographs it’s not very travel friendly. For this trip I will be putting together weekly travel blog posts where I will share my experience in new places. To do that I of course wanted to take brilliant photos but I really didn’t want to lug my bigger camera around everywhere, especially in the cold. I had my eye on the Canon G9X in this amazing silver/brown finish for a while and one evening my amazing boyfriend surprised me with it. I’m so happy that I’ll have a great camera to take photos that will also fit wonderfully in my travel bag!

six. skincare
This next one is partly more geared towards the air travel that I’ll be doing. My skin is very sensitive, it’s easily affected by a bunch of air conditions so packing products like a sheet mask, moisturiser and hand cream (this particular one is from Zoella’s Christmas range) will make sure my skin stays hydrated and happy for the whole trip.

seven. sleep sprays
This last thing that I’m packing is probably the most important thing to help with my anxiety. I first discovered the brand ‘This Works’ when I purchased their sleep spray from Mecca at the start of the year. It is a nighttime spray that it designed to be spritzed onto pillows and other bedtime linen in order to help with a better night’s sleep. I have fallen in love with the product and when I saw this travel set available in Mecca’s gifting range I knew I had to have it for my trip in assisting me with my sleep.

Those are a few of the essentials that I will be taking on my trip with me! These items will likely be in my satchel bag at all times so I will always have access to all of them if needed. I can’t wait to share my trip with you on here, I will be posting travel blog posts each Sunday when I’m away, in addition to my usual posts on Tuesdays and Fridays. Stay tuned!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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