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When I first heard Lush was coming out with a jelly mask formula I thought it was a gimmicky idea that came from the viral trends of slime and jelly type videos, and thought that perhaps the quality of these in comparison to their original face masks and fresh face masks wouldn’t be at the same level. However, when I saw that these masks had been released online for us Aussies I went onto their online store and had a read – then felt quite intrigued.

There are five different jelly masks available currently, all retailing for $13.50. After reading about the benefits and ingredients of each of the masks I decided on three – Just to Clarify (vegan), Bunny Moon (vegetarian), and FOMO (vegan). These three all seemed to have benefits that I look for in various masks that I purchase so I was super excited for them to arrive in the mail!


This was the first mask that peaked my interested, with it’s intentions being to brighten, exfoliate and clarify. I’ve always been a fan of these types of masks as I find they’re great to use in the morning when you feel like you just can’t wake up – but they also do this for your skin! When I used this mask for the first time I instantly felt refreshed and alert – with ingredients like papaya juice, citrus oils and bergamot oils, this mask is for sure going to treat your skin. The only annoyance I had with the use of this mask is that no matter how much I rinsed or dabbed with a towel, the little bamboo stem exfoliating beads just wouldn’t get off my face! It took a good few tries to get everything.


I’ve always had quite sensitive skin, especially my face. My cheeks will flare up at the smallest of things – warm water, opening the oven, having one alcoholic drink – just about anything will make my face hot to the touch and sore. For this I like to use masks that are calming and will soothe my skin when it’s feeling a little irritated – that’s why I bought FOMO. Like a lot of my favourite facial products from lush, this mask contains calamine powder which is great for soothing irritated skin and helping with excessive redness in the face to bring balance – so I can see myself using this mask quite a bit.


This last mask that I purchased is the only one of the three that isn’t vegan as it contains honey, but it is still vegetarian like all Lush products. The reason why I was drawn to this particular mask when reading it’s description was that it seemed like the perfect go-to mask from this collection. Bunny Moon seemed like the sort of mask that I’d be happy to use no matter how my skin was feeling that particular day. This mask contains amazingly wonderful ingredients like honey for moisturised skin, as well as rose and chamomile oils for soothed and relaxed skin.

I’m so glad that I purchased these three masks, as I actually LOVE the jelly formula. When you use each mask you simply pinch off some product, rub it between your hands to form a paste and then apply. The jelly texture makes for an always cooling application that just feels wonderful on the skin. When it comes to Lush face masks I will always love fresh face masks like ‘don’t look at me’ and ‘rosy cheeks’ as well as the OG ‘mask of magnaminty’ – but I definitely see myself reaching for these new jelly masks a bit more in the future!

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Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**

  • Mariam Jangda


    Thanks for info, I’m on the fence about buying one. I’m tempted to because the idea is super cool however, I don’t really get the point of masks. I would love to read a review of the same maybe one month after using them 🙂

    • ebonyhopmans

      I totally understand your thoughts as they used to be mine too! I’ve been using face masks of all kinds for years now and I find that they’re great for the skin when you want to give it a little extra TLC. I’m actually going to be putting together a post on my top picks for face masks soon, so stay around for that! xx

  • Quinn


    I’ve never considered a jelly face mask before! They all sound like they do great things. I would love something calming xx



    Oooh these masks actually sound incredible! Bunny Moon sounds very calming and relaxing – which definitely sounds like something I’d love! Thanks for sharing lovely! x


  • Anika May


    They sound so good, amazing buys! Definitely want to try Bunny Moon, I’ve heard honey does wonders for the skin 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Anika |

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