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If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll probably know about my Spotify Series. In these posts I will make a playlist shaped around the time of year – so far all of the playlists have been seasonal. As I’m currently in Vienna for Christmas I’ve been feeling particularly festive, so I thought why not make a Christmas edition in my Spotify Series!? Now, I didn’t want my playlist for the holidays to be your cookie cutter collection of Mariah Carey and Michael Buble (although they do both make an appearance). Instead I decided to search the platform for an array of indie alternatives to Christmas classics to make for a festive playlist that is a little different.


one. let it snow – she and him
I just love this duo and Zooey Deschanel is one of my girl boss idols. I love the chilled out vibes of She and Him’s voices and feel it makes the perfect quriky christmas carol. I’d whip this one out for a classy Christmas dinner or a relaxed evening in.

two. all i want for christmas is you – mariah carey
I did warn you, I couldn’t not include this banger. There’s something about those sleigh bells at the beginning of this festive tune that makes feel get all kinds of Christmas giddy, and I think it makes the best (and worst) karaoke song for the holidays.

three. rockin’ around the christmas tree – brenda lee
This next song has always been one of my favourites at Christmas time, and always the one by Brenda Lee. I just love the retro sound of this one and I find it super calming and heartwarming.

four. you’re a mean one, mr grinch – thurl ravenscroft
Growing up, The Grinch was one of my favourite Christmas films and this song has mega nostalgia points for me. What I love about this version of the song is that it includes a little storytelling from the infamous Dr. Seuss book.

five. space christmas – allo darlin’
I came across this song inn another ‘indie christmas’ playlist and fell in love with the major cute vibes it has. I feel like this is the best festive busking song, and think it fits in well with the rest of these songs.

six. marshmallow world – the regrettes
‘Marshmallow World’ is another one of my favourite faster paced Christmas songs, and this one is definitely a good version. I personally think it’s the best ‘getting ready’ songs for the holiday season.

seven. white winter hymnal – fleet foxes
I actually had no idea this next song was a festive song, as I’ve always loved and listened to it. So when I came across it on a playlist I knew I had to include it as I realised how perfect it was for the holidays.

eight. wonderful christmastime – the shins
The Shins can really do no wrong for me, and ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ is no exception. Like many others on this list I find this tune to be fairly lighthearted and easy to listen to.

nine. white christmas – billie marten
Everyone loves the festive carol ‘White Christmas’, as it’s basically the definition of all things winter and Christmas. What I love about Billie Marten’s version is the soothing and mellow aesthetic. This song just feels like it would be perfect for any occasion.

ten. underneath the mistletoe – sia
I love Sia, and I love Christmas songs – so I had to include a song from her Christmas album she recently released. After a quick listen to the album I think this one is my favourite, so here it is!

eleven. river – sam smith
It’s a known fact that Sam Smith’s voice is probably the most delicious sound anyone’s ever heard. So obviously a Christmas song sung by him is bound to be a golden mix – and this song is just that. I think this song would be a great addition to any dinner party at this time of year.

twelve. it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas – michael buble
You guessed it, good ‘ol Buble is on the list – but he couldn’t not, right!? It seems that as soon as Halloween is finished, this song starts playing in every supermarket, elevator and department store around. As overplayed as this song is I still wanted to include it in the list – please don’t be mad!

thirteen. winter wonderland – bing crosby
Another great classic, ‘Winter Wonderland’ has always been one I’ve held close to my heart. Even though it’s Summertime where I live at Christmas I like to imagine it’s not 40 degrees out when I listen to this song.

fourteen. christmastime – the smashing pumpkins
I’d never imagine that there’d be a Christmas song from The Smashing Pumpkins, but alas – there is! I love this one as it gives me both my 90s grunge fix mixed beautifully with my festive desires.

fifteen. father christmas – the kinks
Last, but not least is another one of my favourite groups, The Kinks. This last Christmas song is another that makes me want to get up and have a mini dance party in my bedroom. It’s such a great twist on the classic song and I LOVE it.

There you go, my little playlist of festive goodness! I hope you discovered some not so generic Christmas songs in this list just like I did while making it. Let me know what style of Christmas songs is your favourite in the comments, I’d love to know!

Much Love, Ebony xo


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