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I had my eye on the NYX liquid suede lip vault for a while at both Priceline and Target, but it was always so damn expensive (usually around $80-90AUD) so I kept putting off purchasing it. However, I really, really wanted it for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a bunch of minis and I’m a sucker for minis as I never actually go through full sized lip products – and, two, the vault includes a bunch of colours from the collection that aren’t actually available for single sale here in Australia that I’ve wanted for a long time. So, when I was in Target and saw that the vault was now $40.00AUD I died inside, then came back to life and grabbed this bad boy faster than you can say bargain. The vault itself comes with 24 mini liquid lip suedes. The formula of the liquid suedes from NYX isn’t your typical liquid lip, they don’t dry down completely but still have an almost matte finish – so they’re very comfortable on the lips whilst still having a somewhat long wearing effect. I also prefer this formula from NYX over the lip lingerie (they do dry down completely) as I find that the way that the product wears over time is much nicer than the lip lingeries that kind of flake away. There’s also a much broader colour range in this line which is definitely more my style. I decided to go through the entire vault and break down the colours into categories and lip swatch every. single. one. #prayformylips


I’m a sucker for nudes, they just go so well with EVERYTHING. Every outfit, every eye look, every accessory, just everything. So I was pleased to see that five from the vault were nudes, but were also all very individual shades. There’s a couple of pink nudes, a true nude and a couple of brown nudes for a more 90s look. My two favourites in this category would have to be ‘Soft Spoken’ and ‘Brooklyn Thorn’ they’re just very ‘me’ nudes and I lurrrrrve them.

R E D S 

There weren’t actually that many reds in this vault, which suits me as reds usually clash with my pink hair (how convenient for me! Ta, NYX). However in saying this, I do love the two reds and one true orange red included in the vault. I’ve always loved vampy reds for winter time and I know that when I’m done with my pink hair phase I’ll definitely hunt down these colours. I’d say though that the colour ‘orange county’ is my faveeeeee. I’ve only recently come to like orange lips, and I think it’s definitely the bright hair that’s made me brave enough to take them on, but I think the colour compliments my skin tone really nicely!


This category is made up of the colours that I couldn’t really fit into any other, and it also is an example of why I prefer the suede range over the lingerie range…. FUN COLOURS! I love wearing kooky statement lips that turn heads and speak loudly. I find that it’s an easy way to bring a look together without too much effort. These guys will definitely be perfect for summer time in my opinion, much to my surprise I actually really liked the colour ‘little denim dress’, I didn’t think I could pull off a baby blue like this one, but I think I do? I dunno, let me know whether you think it looks cool or just plain crazy.

B O L D  P U R P L E S

When I saw how many purples were in the vault I was SO HAPPY. Purples have got to be one of my favourites for the lip as I find they compliment my hair excellently, and I tend to do looks that look quite nice with a purple lip. I like that the collection had quite a few different kinds of purples, from bright and neon to dark and vampy. So, I thought I’d give them each their own categories as there are so many of them. I’d say that my personal favourite from the bright purples would have to be the colour ‘run the world’ as it’s not quite neon but it bright enough to be loud and amazing.

V A M P Y  P U R P L E S

This category was where things started to get a little streaky. From my experience with the NYX liquid suedes, the darker colours require a little more TLC when applying, however for the sake of this post (and my lips) I wasn’t spending too long on each application, so you’ll see in the swatches that some are a little patchy. Before the vault I already owned the colour ‘vintage’ and it’s one of my all time favourite colours as it goes super well with my hair and any look I put together. As far as the formula of these darker shades, I really wasn’t a fan of ‘subversive socialite’ as it was the patchiest and I found application super tricky.


The last set of colours that came in the vault were these three amazing vampy cool tone colours that all had grey undertones. I love these kinds of colours for colder months and love how they look against my pale skin. Similar to the vampy purples, these also required a little more love on application but I really was impressed with these colours. My favourite in this category would have to be ‘alien’. I’ve never seen a colour like this one, it’s super dark and cool toned, but isn’t black. I’d say it’s the darkest grey you could achieve before qualifying as black, love it.

F I N A L  T H O U G H T S

Overall, I’m super happy with this vault based on first impressions. I think the colour range is amazing and the quality of each product is just as good as the full sized lippies. I would highly recommend this to any fellow lipstick lovers who aren’t afraid to try bolder colours. The only colours I thought were missing from this range were some deep moss/emerald greens – but I do know that not many like to rock green lips like I do. Let me know which of these colours is your favourite!

Quality: 8/10
Packaging: 7/10
Versatility: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Much love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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