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Spring is my favourite season of the year, and it’s official here! That’s right, Spring has sprung here in the southern hemisphere and there are just so many things that I love about about this time of year that I thought I’d kick it off with another addition to my pinterest series, this time showing you a few pictures taken from pinterest that inspire me to bring elements of Spring into the home, making spaces feel lighter and fresher.

S E A S O N A L   F L O R A

This first way to make the home feel like Spring is one of my favourites, and that’s flowers! Having a beautiful bunch of flowers in lovely vase can transform a space from one that is dull and lacking lustre, to one that is vibrant, fresh and can even lift the moods of those who are in the room. I know flowers make lovely additions to the home all year round, however Spring is very much so known for having an abundance of gorgeous blooms in season including some of my favourites like peonies, poppies, roses, lilies and orchids.

P L A N T  F R I E N D S

For similar reasons as having flowers in different rooms of the home, house plants are another personal favourite way that I bring life into a space. For me, I like to take Spring as an opportunity to invest in some new plant babies as there tends to be more natural light (spoiler for the next tip) to help them grow at this time of year. I perk to having indoor plants over flowers is that they are a lot more long lasting than flowers are. With a bunch of flora, you’ll probably get up to a week of loveliness out of them. But with plants, if you care for them and make sure they’re in suitable parts of the home – they can last years!

B R I N G   T H E   O U T S I D E ,  I N.

Now, this one is probably the easiest of all my tips for Spring – and it may seem pretty obvious… but, open your blinds / curtains / plantation shutters or whatever else you’ve had keeping in the warmth all Winter long. Now is the time of year to let that gorgeous light filter in through your different home spaces. It gives the effect of bringing the outside into your home, spaces will feel larger and it’s generally great for the mind to have visual connections to your garden. There’s something quite wonderful about waking up on a Spring morning, opening the blinds and have the light filter into your bedroom, being greeted by the outside world.

L O V E L Y   S C E N T S

My last super easy tip for making the home feel fresh and Spring-filled is to whip out some delish candles. I know that generally, many thing candles are something for the Winter time as they tend to be associated with cosy and cold aesthetics. However, I’m a big fan of using candles all year round (especially as an inside-dog owner). For the Spring time, I love to use scents that are either very floral, or fresh, or a mix of both. My favourite places to have candles going during Spring is in the living room, the bathrooms and the kitchen. Having beautiful scents burning throughout the day (when I’m home of course) tends to make me feel more awake and motivated to be productive, whether that be for homework, housework or blogging – and I’m all about keeping those ideas flowing.


There you have it, a few quick tips that will make your home feeling fresh and lovely – Pinterest edition! I cannot wait to share some more Spring-related posts with you over the next few months, let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see. I’d also love to know what is your favourite way to make your home feel like Spring.

Much love, Ebony xo

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    Oooooh girl I love the way you edit your photos!

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      Thankyou lovely!!

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