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I spend A LOT of time on pinterest, it’s the perfect procrastination excuse as an architecture student and interior designer. I thought I’d put this time sink to some use and create a series. Throughout this pinterest series I’ll be sharing some of my finds over different posts, and this month’s feature is on herringbone, and two perfect ways you can apply it to your home. If you’ve got any suggestions on topics I should cover during this series please let me know in the comments!

T I M B E R   F L O O R I N G

I’ve always had a love towards parquetry flooring, and herringbone is one of my favourite applications of the method. Hardwood timber floors have always been a go to when fitting out a home as it brings a lot of warmth to a space. Timber also makes a good foundation to decorating an interior as it pairs well with many textures, materials and colours. The addition of a pattern in the arrangement of planks transforms an ordinary timber floor into the feature of a room that is timeless. Whenever I think of herringbone timber flooring I have this fantasy of eating cheese and drinking wine in a provincial apartment somewhere south of France – completely hopeless but I still love it.

T I L E D   F I N I S H E S

If you’re wanting to incorporate the classic herringbone pattern into your home in a way that is a little different to timber flooring I 100% recommend tile finishes. Through using tiles, you’ll be able to include this pattern into wet areas for both floor and wall finishes. In the kitchen this arrangement works perfectly with subway tiles to create a unique and intriguing splashback. I always feel that splashbacks are the perfect opportunity to bring interest to a space – it’s so easy to specify a glass splashback, why not make it a feature? After all, it’s what you look at while you’re cooking. The other perfect space for herringbone tiles is in the bathroom. Similar to the kitchen you can use this method for splashback type walls behind basins – but my personal favourite is to apply the tiles in a shower space to create a much more contemporary mosaic type feature. Using tiles as features in various wet spaces is also a great way to create unity throughout the home. The endless colours and textures is another plus too!


Let me know if you have a love for any patterns for interior spaces, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also if you’d like to take a look at my pinterest for more inspiration have a look HERE!

Much Love, Ebony xx

  • Gerda Wittmann


    Love this too, Ebs! Love the wooden floors! You have done a fantastic job, with all of it. I am ver proud of you, Ebony!

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