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As the warmer, sunnier months approach, I get really excited about whipping out more of my over-the-top accessories that compliment my over-the-top outfits. I’ve always loved sunglasses, a lot. I feel like I can pull off a lot of different styles and colours, so I take full advantage of that and seem to accumulate endless different pairs of specs for the sun. Within the last year I’ve discovered a personal adoration for Quay Australia sunglasses, the brand has what seems like an infinite collection of various styles, shapes, colours and lenses. I’ve come to love my sunglasses that I own from Q.A. and thought I’d show you them!

‘ R I G H T   T I M E ‘  I N  T O R T O I S E

Tortoise print glasses have got to be my ALL TIME favourite, so I find myself having quite a few with this type of look. There’s a few go-to staples for me as far as sunglasses go. They’ve got to be big, have a rough to extreme cat-eye shape and almost always be either coloured or textured frames. So this tick all the boxes and I love, love, LOVE them.

‘ D R E A M  O F  M E ‘

This next pair are my only pair of Q.A sunnies that don’t have mirrored lenses, and for that I have a great appreciation for them as they’re probably the most different to the rest in my collection and are a little more toned-down. Perfect for everyday wear and they go with EVERYTHING. I always seem to get complimented whenever I’m wearing these, so they’ve gradually became a favourite. Only sadness about this pair for me is that this type of plastic on the arms of the glasses love to absorb all my hair colour at the ends so there’s a little bit of staining.

‘ C H A  C H A ‘  I N  B L A C K  T O R T O I S E

Going from no mirrored lenses to straight up MIRRORED lenses, these guys I found on Catch of the Day going for an absolute bargain so i had to get my hands on them. I won’t usually go for a pair of plain black frames, so this are a good alternative. The frames have an ombre-effect going from solid black to tortoise – making them perfect for me. Love!

‘ S C R E A M I N’  D I V A ‘  I N  W H I T E  M A R B L E

Now, this pair is BY FAR my favourite in my Q.A. collection. These guys make me feel like an intergalactic goddess space girl coming to earth to take over the planet, and I love it! There are so many things about this pair that I’m obsessed with, the thickness of the frames is so unique, the colour reflect of the lens is my favourite kind, and the shape is hella cool.

‘ B R O O K L Y N ‘  I N  R O S E  G O L D

This pair was the first I ever owned from Quay and they’re still one of my most loved. The size of this pair is definitely the smallest that I own, when I’m wearing them you can still see my eyebrows and a little of my eye when I turn my head. These sunnies are definitely a statement, they’ve got quite a bit of decorative metal work around the frames, and have very bold rose gold lenses, which I think are great.

‘R H Y M E S  2 . 4 ‘  I N  T O R T O I S E

The last pair in my collection is probably the pair I get the most wear out of. These beauties have a classic narrow cat-eye frame this is very flattering and goes with just about everything. Once again, they fulfill my need for tortoise shell as well as having my ideal shape. Love this and think they’re a classic!

There you go! That was my small but ever-growing Quay Australia sunglasses collection. I will definitely continue adding to my collection as time goes on, as Quay is known for forever bringing out new and innovative designs. Which of these pairs was your favourite on me? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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