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I’ve made to clear to just about everyone I know that gin is my booze of choice. While I do not drink often, when I do it will almost always be a cocktail of some gin-based variety. I’m a big fan of finding new and interesting gins to experiment with, and I’m also a into integrating the colour pink into most things in my life. So, when I saw this pink gin from Settler’s Spirits I had to try it out. I wasn’t sure how I’d use it, and wasn’t even sure if it’d taste that great – but it was pink, so it is now on my bar cart. I thought I’d give you two ways to have this gin and let you know my thoughts on the taste and overall outcome of my experimenting.

Settlers Artisan Pink Gin – $79.00AUD | The obvious reason as to why I was drawn to this gin was of course the colour, I’m a sucker for anything pink. When I pointed out the bottle, the employee at the cellar warned me that it’s a very sweet gin but I was determined to make it work. Settlers is a gin distillery located in South Australia. Their Pink Gin combines aromatics of rose petals and raspberries, and is recommended to be garnished with strawberries and fresh mint over ice with tonic.

Royal Rose Simple Syrup – $14-20.00AUD | I came across the method of using tonic syrups and bitters combined with soda water as an alternative to tonic water when making gin cocktails. This one caught my eye when I was browsing at The Bitters Lab for the same reason the pink gin did – but I was curious to try and make the two work together. So I picked it up. This syrup is made up of sugar, filtered water, lime juice and rose petals to create and very floral but not overly sweet syrup that works in both cocktails or even as a topping for desserts.

R O S E    C O C K T A I L   R E C I P E S

I decided to try out the pink gin in two different ways; one being a twist on a gin and tonic, and the other being a gin and soda with the rose syrup I purchased. For the gin and tonic, I used just under two shots of the gin as I usually prefer my gin and tonics to be stronger (this was a mistake). I underestimated just how strong in flavour this gin was, it really is VERY sweet. I recommend using this gin in very small quantities for a slightly weaker drink. Pair the gin with tonic water and top with ice, then garnish with fresh strawberries and mint and give it a quick stir to properly infuse the drink.

For the gin and soda cocktail I’d take one shot (30ml) of the pink gin, top with soda water – use slightly less than you would with tonic water. Then add a dash of the syrup, top with ice and garnish with fresh strawberries and mint and then stir. Usually I would make gin and tonics in tall glasses, but I couldn’t wait to use these tumblers I found at H&M on sale – I love them!


R E V I E W   &   T H O U G H T S

When the bartender at the cellar I went to warned me of the sweetness of this gin, he was not kidding. I’d say that this gin is definitely for those with a sweet tooth, and I’ve even go as far to call this a dessert gin (is that even a thing?). Overall, I quite enjoy the aroma of the pink gin and I think it could work well as a weaker gin and tonic, especially as spring comes around. From my experiences, Settlers hasn’t been my go-to gin, the taste just isn’t really anything special so I’d be interested in trying some of these pink gins that are arising from other distilleries.

As for the rose syrup, I kind of love it. I like how versatile these syrups are and I really like the taste of this one. I’m very interested in trying this syrup in some different cocktails as well as a topping for desserts. Overall, I think that these two products make for some very pretty drinks. They’re some of the most photogenic cocktails I’ve ever made, I think they’d be perfect for a spring picnic or afternoon tea. I’d love to hear what you think about these quirkier gins distilleries around Australia and New Zealand are coming out with. Do you think they’re a good idea or are they more novelty? Let me know!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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