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Colourpop recently launched a bunch of lippies for the Christmas period and I fell completely in love with a bunch of them when I was having a browse at the range. I decided to buy five Ultra Matte Lips and one Ultra Glossy Lip in colours that I thought would be perfect for by Christmas holiday to Europe. I decided to showcase the colours I hauled by showing you six days of Winter lips as I get into all things festive over in Austria – I hope you enjoy this little lookbook as much as I enjoyed these colours!


While there were quite a few colours released in the holiday range, I only wanted to grab those that stood out to me for one reason or another. I took all the colours that I purchased with me for my Christmas trip to Austria and spent the last week creating looks around each different lip colour. I had fun structuring looks around new lip colours and I think it’s something I’d enjoy doing more in the future!


Colour: Fragile Things | Formula: Ultra Matte Lip

Day one of my lippie adventure involved a trip to Prater theme park here in Vienna, so I wanted something that could outlast going on a bunch of rides – as well as a good match to this new pumpkin coloured jacket I got. The colour ‘Fragile Things’ is described by Colourpop as a dusty plum brown – this colour definitely looks more plum than brown on my skin tone however I can imagine it looking gorgeous on a range of skin tones.


Colour: Snowfleek | Formula: Ultra Matte Lip

This next colour would have to be one of my personal favourites from the six I thought. I’ve always been a fan of reds that aren’t a particularly ‘true red’. ‘Snowfleek’ is described as a rusty red and I couldn’t agree more with that description. This is the sort of red lipstick I can see myself wearing all year around as it suits my complexion perfectly and pairs well with all of my wardrobe.


Colours: Flurries x Lay-Z | Formulas: Ultra Matte Lip x Ultra Glossy Lip

I originally planned to just wear ‘Flurries’ for day three, but after completing this eye look I felt that it called for a little more gold on the lips – and I’m very glad that I combined the two! ‘Flurries’ is described as a mauve pink, so it worked wonderfully with a more gold gloss. The Ultra Glossy Lip formula from Colourpop has taken a while to grow on me, with many of the colours I’ve purchased in the past being ones I didn’t get along with. ‘Lay-Z’ however is one that I’ve fallen head over heels for.


Colour: Lightweight | Formula: Ultra Matte Lip

‘Lightweight’ is the one colour that I couldn’t wait to put on before my trip, and I actually wore it a few times back in Melbourne before leaving. This matte lip is described as a dusty brown pink, which for me is my dream nude. I can pair this colour with just about any look and it looks AMAZING.


Colour: Lay-Z | Formula: Ultra Glossy Lip

Probably one of the favourite looks I pulled together, this gorgeous gloss is described by Colourpop as a nude gloss with gold glitter. Usually the thought of a glitter gloss would turn me off bigtime, however the glitters in this are so finely milled that it gives more of the appearance of a lovely gold sheen. This colour was super easy to wear and I can see it becoming one of my go-to’s.


Colour: Star Crossed | Formula: Ultra Matte Lip

Last but not least is probably the most festive colour that I bought from the Holiday Collection. ‘Star Crossed’ is a deep berry red that makes for the perfect pairing for any Winter look. Now – I hate this last photo of me as you can definitely sense my tiredness catching up with me after a week of constant activities (if you’d like to see what I got up to be sure to take a look at my travel blog post!). Other than my mega exhaustion, this colour still made me feel festive af.


Overall I’m super pleased with the variety of colours released as part of this year’s holiday collection, and it makes me super happy to know that they’ve added these colours into their permanent collection! I’d say that my favourites from my haul would have to be ‘Lay-Z’, ‘Snowfleek’ and ‘Lightweight’ – but I love them all! Let me know if you liked this style of a haul and if you’ve gotten any of the Holiday pieces from the collection by Colourpop!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**All photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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