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I discovered the 16 brand sheet masks at Mecca around a year ago and was immediately intrigued because of their great price and adorable packaging. I got into using sheet masks a couple of years ago, I loved how easy they were to use and my skin always felt amazing after using one -they’re also a lot of fun at sleepovers. These masks retail at $2 per sheet which has got to be the cheapest I’ve seen sheet masks sell for. There are seven different masks in the collection, all with different benefits. I’ve now tried all seven masks a number of times and I definitely have my favourites, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the range and what works best for my skin – from my least favourite to the one I adore the most.

7. Kelp
The kelp mask aims to detox and purify the skin, while fighting aging with snail slime extracts and other power ingredients¬†from the ocean. For me personally, I found this mask a little too thick and nourishing. I have combination skin, with a t-zone that has a tendency to get quite oily. That, mixed with the fact that my skin is still rather youthful and collagen-rich meant that I didn’t see much of an impact on my skin from using this mask. However, it does smell delightful – and I’d recommend this one if you have dryer or more mature skin.
6. Strawberry & Banana
For similar reasons to the kelp mask, the strawberry and banana sheet mask wasn’t suited to my skin as it is super nourishing and thick. This mask claims to detoxify, deeply hydrate and even complexion with extracts from paprika, carrot and cabbage. This mask really does smell good enough to eat, however I think I’ll stick to the classic strawberry and banana combo in my smoothies.
5. Spirulina
Similar to the other two, the spirulina mask is also very hydrating – as is the case with many sheet masks. This lead me to believe that I wouldn’t get along with this one either, however I actually enjoy it a lot. While I have combo skin I do have dryer days, especially during Winter. When my skin is looking thirsty and after a good drink that’s when I’ll reach for this mask. I find the spirulina isn’t as thick as the previous two so it doesn’t break me out, but this isn’t my go-to.
4. Sage Tea
Here’s where we get into the masks that I really LOVE. The sage tea sheet mask has the hydration benefits like all sheet masks, but it also is full of antioxidants that target purifying the skin from environmental factors such as air pollution, stress and sun exposure. I’ll go for this mask when my skin is feeling a bit stressed or irritated as it has a great calming effect on both my skin and my mood – this one is perfect for during uni semesters!
3. Hibiscus Tea
This mask has a lot of similar benefits as the sage tea mask, and I’d say that I reach for both equally (so really 3rd and 4th place are a tie for me). The brand advertises this mask as the best go-to for any skin need, a quick fix and I’d have to agree with them as that’s just what I use this one for. Whenever my skin just need a bit of a pick-me-up, the hibiscus tea is PERFECT.
2. Pepper Mint Tea
Now this mask was a very close first for me, as I really do adore everything that this mask does for my skin. The pepper mint tea sheet mask claims nourish and sooth irritated skin with the calming ingredients of jasmine and lavender, paired with the anti-aging and hydrating green tea infusion. I prefer this mask for it’s anti-aging properties over the kelp as I find it’s not as intense, and therefore more suited to my skin at this stage. Oh, and it smells divine!
1. Peach & Apple
In first place, has to be the peach and apple mask as it’s definitely the one I reach for the most. It doesn’t claim to do anything to target specific skin concerns like the others, but that’s honestly why I use it so much. Most weeks, my skin is fairly happy and just requires a little love during a pamper night. This mask is perfect for self care nights in the bath, and won’t overwhelm my skin. The fruit-based infusion pulls out toxins and resets the skin for a healthier complexion.


I think the sheet masks from 16 Brand have got to be the best value I’ve come across in any of the sheet masks I’ve tried. The sachets themselves contain so much liquid that the sheets themselves are never dry, and I’m always left with a generous amount of the good stuff to smooth into my neck and hands. The packaging of the masks makes it very easy to distinguish each product and it’s ingredients (and let’s not forget that it’s just mega-cute). I feel that the range is broad enough to appeal to a wide range of skin concerns, however I do think there’s always room to expand with sheet masks. For now however, I will be very content with what’s on offer. Have you tried the 16 Brand sheet masks? Let me know what you think!

Much love, Ebony xoxo

** All photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself **


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