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I cannot believe it’s already Spring, this year has gone so quickly and has been a total rollercoaster for me. I feel like there’s been a few good things that have happened so far this year, however I think one of the best things has been the constant inflow of fab music being released by a bunch of artists that I truly love. So, I thought what better way to get pumped for warmer months approaching, flowers blooming and endless hay fever with a new seasonal playlist perfect for the Spring time. If you listened to my Winter Playlist, you’ll have noticed it was quite mellow, subdued and chilled out in vibes. This one however is a lot more bouncy, bubbly and generally the kind of music that you find yourself tapping your foot or bobbing your head along to. I mentioned in my last spotify series that I have quite a broad taste in genres, and I think as we go through each season you’ll definitely get a taste for that. Now, let’s get into this season’s list!

T H E   L I S T

Just like the Winter playlist, I’m going to run through the fifteen songs I decided to include in the edit. I’ll talk about how and when I found them, what drew me to them and why I think they’re perfect for the season. Let me know which of these songs was your personal favourite and if you’ve got any go-to tunes for the Spring time!

one. 17 – youth lagoon (2011)
I’ve been in love with Youth Lagoon since I was in high school, I discovered them during one of my many ‘listening to the songs in the recommended bar on youtube’ deep dives. These deep dives always ended in a huge intake of wonderful indie artists who I hadn’t heard of before, and this group was one of my favourite finds. I love the slightly low-tech production quality sound the group has, and this song in particular has a simplicity that I find both soothing and uplifting. I knew straight away I wanted this song on the list, so here it is. Ps. If you’ve listened to Miley Cyrus’s ‘malibu’, it’s a total rip off of this song.

two. no other way – maddy jane (2017)
This song was one of many on this list that was on my shazam list. I’ll find that I tend to shazam a lot of the songs that are played on triple j when in the car so I have a note of any good tunes for reference when I’m in the mood for some new music. I remember first hearing this song in the car thinking is was such a great, upbeat song that was perfect to listen to whilst driving in the sun. So of course I had to include it in my Spring list!

three. cruel 2 b kind – mïrändä (2016)
This little gem is a fabulous electro-pop number that just makes you want to dance. Mïrändä and any info on her is almost impossible to find as she’s fairly new on the music scene, I think from memory the way I first heard about her was on triple j as she was the unearthed artist of the week (I think). Either way, love this song, love that it’s on the playlist.

four. come back to you – crooked colours (2017)
This song is super quirky, fun, and groovy – and I don’t think I can ever get sick of it, it’s that great. I think there’s a good mix of build up, chilled out verses, upbeat chorus and everything in between. I know it sounds dumb but one of my favourite things about this song is the simple clicking that’s repeated throughout the entire piece, it gives it a very ‘handmade’ sound that I love.

five. stronger – gothic tropic (2017)
Gothic Tropic was another group I discovered through Shazam, and I’m in awe! Their sound reminds me a lot of HAIM, whom I also adore so I was totally into them straight away. This song is another upbeat, get motivated tune that I think is great for getting ready for the day and getting shit done, ya’ know?

six. i’ll come crashing – a giant dog (2016)
I first heard this banger in the second last episode of the Netflix series ‘Girlboss’ in a scene that was not so fun and really got me emotionally, so at first I wasn’t paying much attention to the song. However in the last episode the song plays a large role throughout the narrative and is played quite a lot – to the point of where I had to find who sung it as I NEEDED it. To put it simply, I think this is a great song. It’s got a great baseline, a great beat, and great overall feel. Super stoked to have it on my Spring playlist, and also super bummed that Girlboss was cancelled after one season as whilst the acting was slightly shit I still loved it, strongly recommend.

seven. december nights – saskwatch (2017)
I only just discovered this group and I think they’re amaaaaaazing. This song is super catchy, it’s got a cool Tame Impala-esqe sound meets a little bit of MGMT. The song itself even has sounds of birds chirping in the background, it’d be a crime not to include it in a spring song line up, right!?

eight. little deschutes – laura veirs (2010)
This song came to me while I was watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries (an all time favourite, have been re-watching it over the last few months), the show is known for having an excellent sountrack, and I find myself shazaming song after song while I’m watching. This song has a little bit of a mellow feel to it, carrying on from the themes of the Winter playlist. I think these types of songs are perfect for those more stormy and overcast days that we tend to get a lot during Spring.

nine. cherry – lana del rey (2017)
Continuing with the slightly more mellow themes, I knew I wanted to include a song from Lana’s new album in my Spring playlist as I feel it’s got a slightly lighter feel to it than her previous work (although let’s be honest it’s still super moody). Cherry is for sure one of my personal favourites from the new album. I think it’s super lovely, easy to find yourself swaying to and just all round a lovely song.

ten. in undertow – alvvays (2017)
I discovered Alvvays about a year ago through one of my favourite online figures, Helen Anderson. I remember hearing them on her channel and falling in love with the general sound of this group. The super simple melodies and love songs really got me obsessed and they’ve become one of my most loved groups. The band has slowly been releasing some new tunes over the last few months and this one has been my favourite so far, I cannot wait to hear more!

eleven. always forever – cults (2013)
This next song on the playlist I found through suggested for me on spotify, and I’m so so happy it came to me! I find this song really flowy and easy to listen to. It makes me think of a super cute ‘falling in love’ montage in some cheesy rom-com, and I love it.

twelve. provider – frank ocean (2017)
Frank Ocean for me is always hit or miss. I either am really into a song, or I completely hate it. This new one however I found whilst adding to this blog post as I was sitting parked in my car as rain poured down around me and I thought it had a fantastic lo-fi sound to it, and would be perfect for a more ‘chilled out’ addition to the playlist.

thirteen. oceans – vallis alps (2017)
Speaking of oceans, this slightly more upbeat tune came to me on the always fabulous ‘office mix’ playlist spotify puts together. I always go to this playlist whenever I want to discover new music, and this one is right up my street. I find its impossible to feel down while listening to this song and I’m INTO IT!

fourteen. by fire – hiatus kaiyote (2015)
This amaaaazing song was introduced to me by my boyfriend when we first started dating a couple years ago, and I’m still yet to get sick of it. This song is such a funky, groovy tune that just makes you want to get up and have a little boogie – hell yeah.

fifteen. islands – the xx (2009)
Another oldie but a goodie, the xx have been a favourite of mine since high school – I always seem to go back to them no matter how old I get. The reason why I thought this song would be a great way to wrap up the Spring playlist for 2017 was because it’s just a super easy to listen to tune that I feel a lot of people enjoy, no matter their genre tastes!


And that’s my Spring Playlist for 2017! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, it seems like yesterday I made my Winter Playlist!! Let me know in the comments which of these songs was your personal favourite, and if you had to pick ONE song that represents Spring for you, what would it be?!

Much love, Ebony xo



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