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It’s that time again, where I share with you a collection of perfect songs for the season as part of my Spotify Series. Like always, I’ve collated 15 songs to my taste that I think are perfect for the time of year, this one being Summer! I’m actually posting this playlist the same day as the Triple J hottest 100, so you may even see some of these tunes on that countdown. I’m really happy with this playlist as I think it’s got a great mix of upbeat, slow, and chilled out songs that are perfect for any kind of Summer occasion. As always I am going to go through the fifteen songs included and explain why I wanted to include them and what it is I love about each song!


one. i am behind you – montaigne (2016)
Okay, I discovered Montaigne late last year whilst listening to triple J, and she has since become one of my favourite female artists. The album this song is from in particular has been on repeat for me ever since I first found it. It was so hard for me to pick just one song from the album, but this one has to be one of my favourites. I just find that I get goosebumps every time I listen to it and I think it’s perfect for this time of year.

two. praise you – hannah grace (2017)
Okay, this is a bit of a weird one to include in this list but I’ve really been into it over the last couple of weeks. I heard the song for the first time in an advertisement on the TV in the UK for health insurance (weird, right?) but I thought the song was AMAZE. It’s such a great feel good song and really gets me up and going.

three. feels like we only go backwards – tame impala (2012)
It wouldn’t be a Summer playlist without a bit of Tame Impala, now would it? In my opinion, Tame Impala is the definition of Summer synth classics. This song in particular is one of the first I ever heard from the group so I thought it was only right that I included in my first summer playlist.

four. waiting for a sign – the jungle giants (2017)
I’ve always had a soft spot for The Jungle Giants. I discovered them when I started to really get into indie pop and they were one of my go-to bands for a very long time. After not listening to much by them for a while I came across this album in my suggestions and thought it was so fun and upbeat that it just seemed perfect for this playlist.

five. little of your love – haim (2017)
HAIM is another one of those groups I used to listen to A LOT but then they kind of fell of my music radar – but in that time they seemed to of become crazy popular and almost mainstream. I funnily enough first heard this song when they performed it live on the Ellen show and thought I’d look into their new stuff – and I love it! I’ll have to get back into them this year I think.

six. one dance – drake (2016)
There’s always going to be one or two songs that are ridiculously overplayed in my Spotfiy playlists, but I cannot help it. In my opinion this song is just PERFECT for the summer time to have a little groove to. The winning element of this song for me (and I’m sure many others) is the female segment, it’s just super sensual and groovy and I LOVE it.

seven. ubu – methyl ethel (2017)
This is where the playlist becomes very new and triple J based. As the build up for the hottest 100 gets more and more intense, I tend to listen to a lot more radio and I love to look at what the radio hosts have voted for in the countdown. This is one of those upbeat and easy songs that is wonderful to listen to at any time. It’s super catchy and fun and I just adore it.

eight. maroon – zoology (2017)
Now, this next song is just BEAUTIFUL. I find the melody so relaxing and the voice to go with it even more soothing. This is one of those songs that I’ll listen to when I want to take a moment to myself to just chill out and wind down, I find while it’s quite mellow it’s also got a funky twist to it that makes it amazing for lots of occasions.

nine. future heroine – ecca vandal (2017)
Here’s another that I found when perusing the host’s votes for the countdown. The second I pressed play on this song I fell deeply in love with it. The combination of the music, effects and voice make for a super groovy song that I feel is so unique and amazing. The chorus of this song is a bit more pop-y than I’m used to, but I think it works really well for this song.

ten. say something loving – the xx (2017)
The XX are another group that I used to be mad in love with during my late years in high school. Back when I was mega into tumblr, there was always at least one song from them on my blog playlist (yep, I was that person). I’m really into this new album from them as I think it’s a huge leap from their old music – whilst still having that classic vibe we all know and love from The XX.

eleven. chateau – angus & julia stone (2017)
Just like The XX, the same applies for Angus & Julia Stone. I used to be completely obsessed and would constantly have their albums playing on my iPod most of the day. When I heard the first single release of ‘snow’ for this album, I wasn’t the biggest fan – however after listening to the rest of the album I think it works wonderfully together and makes for a great addition to this playlist.

twelve. bellyache – billie elish (2017)
Oh. My. Gosh. I LOVE this song. This is another that I came across on Triple J and it’s everything I could ever ask for in a spaced out indie song. I find this song both soothing as well as groovy. I’ve been blasting this in my headphones constantly whilst I’m doing simple tasks like housework or blogging, it’s just great.

thirteen. feel it still – portugal, the man (2017)
Yep, another mega popular song has made it onto the playlist because I literally could not escape it late last year – and I’m completely fine with it because this song is brilliant. If I had to pick one song from 2017 that had the biggest groove factor it would have to be this one. Everything about ‘Feel it still’ is catchy, fun and wonderfully upbeat. I don’t think I’ve met someone who’s hated this song – and if they have I still be they have moments where they can’t help but tap their foot to it.

fourteen. everything now – arcade fire (2017)
It felt like I hadn’t heard from or listened to Arcade Fire in the longest time before this album was released last year – and I think most people feel the same away as me on that. I think this song is perfectly easygoing and suits so many different genre tastes (as often the case with Arcade Fire songs). This song in itself reminds me of a slightly rockier version of an ABBA song and I love it.

fifteen. cigarette daydreams – cage the elephant (2013)
Now, after all of those new songs in this playlist why don’t we take it back to an oldie, but a goodie. Cage the Elephant is one of those groups I feel isn’t talked about enough, but so many of their songs are just brilliant. I see this song as being the perfect wrap up to a kind of all over the place playlist, it’s so simple, but so lovely.

There you go, that was my Summer playlist for 2018! I love all of these songs and I’ve grown to love my Spotify Series so much as it not only rekindles my loves with old songs, but I also discover so many new artists and genres that become some of my favourites! What are your staple songs or artists for the Summertime? Let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Spotify Series after you’ve listened to this one, I create a playlist for each season as well as a few extras every now and then.

Much Love, Ebony xo


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