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I’m BIG into music, I enjoy listening to so many different genres that I wouldn’t say I have a specific taste in one particular genre – As long as it’s good, I’ll probably like it (unless it’s country, mega hard limit for me). For me, music plays a big part in my mood and motivation for anything from studying, model making, driving and exercising – so often the types of tunes I’ll be playing will reflect what it is I am doing and how I’m feeling at the time. I thought I’d start a spotify series where I put together a short collection of songs seasonally that I feel are perfect pairings for the given time of year.

Winter will usually mean a lot more time indoors all rugged up on the couch with my greyhound with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. I’ll spend a lot of time cleaning, online looking for inspiration – so I’ll usually go for music that is slightly more mellow, relaxed and not too intrusive. This will call for a lot of piano / acoustic pieces and some slightly darker or eerie songs. The collection of fifteen pieces that I’ve put together over on my spotify (username: ebjayde) playlist for winter 2017 all work quite well together in my opinion. None of the songs on this list really seem out of place, all compliment one another and give the impression that they’re there for a reason. As for the order of the playlist, there wasn’t much curation as far as my choice of assembly goes. For me personally, none of these songs are ‘ranked’ higher than others – rather, all these songs are neutral, they don’t rely on one another for narrative and could be listened to in order or on shuffle and still work.

T H E   L I S T

I thought I’d go through the list of songs that I have chosen to be apart of my winter playlist for 2017. Upon reflection and writing this post I’m realising that spotify definitely likes to recommend new songs, as most of these were released this year – very interesting! I’ll name the title of the song as well as the artist and release year – then I’ll go into a little detail on why these songs stand out to me and what it is I love about them. I will also write on how I came across the song itself or the artist, whether I had known of them prior to assembling this playlist as well as any other details I may want to include. I’ve also inserted the playlist into this post so you can have a listen for yourself and gather your own thoughts and opinions of each of the pieces and the playlist as a whole. I’d love to hear if you have any artists or genres that are your go-to, and whether you’re like me in terms of music having a large impact on your mood and vice versa!

one. liability – lorde (2017)
I first found Lorde years ago when I was still in high school and was very adamant about ONLY listening to triple j and triple j unearthed. I remember listening to ‘tennis court’ and instantly falling in love with Lorde and her crazy hair. I don’t think there has been much form Lorde that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed, and this new album of hers has been no exception. I really like the song ‘liability’ as it reminds me of a love and heartbreak ballad, but with a Lorde twist – and I looooove it!

two. aquarium – casino versus japan (2002)
This is one of the few songs on this playlist where I don’t know much about the artist – so the song itself is what stood out to me when I found it. This song is super chilled out and makes an awesome driving song if you’re not in the mood for a sing-along ballad. I love the vibes this song brings to a room, it’s got many layers to it so you don’t get bored listening to it – I almost get some under-water or outer-space themes coming to mind when I listen to this, a longtime favourite.

three. avant gardener – gordi (2016)
I only recently came across Gordi and was hooked instantly. This song has such a brilliant and moving narrative and I think that’s why I like it so much. I feel like I’m listening to someone telling me a story in a super beautiful way when this song is playing, the way this song is put together makes it really easy to relate to and you can really feel the emotion, I think it’s wonderful and definitely deserving of it’s place in this playlist.

four. 99 – elliot moss (2017)
Elliot Moss is a fairly new discovery for me, I think I first heard it on one of the recommended playlists spotify puts together for users – when I first heard it I added it to my main playlist immediately. I’ve been playing this song over and over recently so I thought it would be perfect to include in this winter collection.

five. deadcrush – alt-j (2017)
I don’t think I’ve ever come across a group as distinctive and refreshing as ‘Alt-J’. I feel that every album they’ve come out with have each become works of art, dancing from one genre to another often within a song alone. I think their newest album ‘RELAXER’ is something totally different to what the group has released previously.

six. horizon – aldous harding (2017)
Now, if I’m not in the right mood I actually find this song a bit much, particularly in the chorus. BUT at the right time I find it amazing. Harding’s voice is very unique and isn’t like many of the pieces that I have in my playlists. I think this song is best listened to when alone, it’s definitely not a ‘background noise’ song to play at a dinner party as in my opinion the vocals are quite distracting. There is something about this song that I find super raw and honest, and that’s why I’m enjoying it so much currently.

seven. national – james vincent mcmorrow (2017)
Now, THIS song is amazing. I think it’s super classic sounding. This guy’s voice is so comforting and relaxing, as is this song. The lyrics of this piece are also wonderful and moving. The song itself is quite short but I think it’s perfect as is, which is why it’s here!

eight. too much – tora (2017)
I’m starting to think I’m repeating myself with each of these descriptions, as I just love all of these songs so much (otherwise they wouldn’t be on the playlist). The appeal in this song is similar to ‘national’ in that I think it’s quite classical sounding, however this ones got a bit more of a synthy contemporary twist to it.

nine. winter – daughter (2013)
This is another group who I first discovered in high school. I first heard the angelic and eerie sound of ‘Daughter’ when I practically lived on tumblr. It was the moody and melancholy music that my equally moody teen heart had been looking for. I still go back every now and then to listen to Daughter as I find their sound very soothing and otherworldly, it’s great for when I need to zone out due to my mind be super busy always. ‘Winter’ is a perfect example of the music from this group and is fitting for this playlist both for it’s title and chilled-out sound.

ten. to build a home – the cinematic orchestra (2007)
I’ve loved this song for a long time, one of my favourite things about it is simply the fact that it’s super long as it means that when I’m listening to it I’m really taken on a journey that is truly amazing. What actually re-birthed my adoration for this song is when it was featured in the final scene of the most recent season of ‘Orange is The New Black’ on Netflix. As a result of how moving I already found the song itself, it enhanced everything that was happening in those last minutes of season five and I was a blubbering MESS.

eleven. 3ww – alt-j (2017)
I tried to make sure I didn’t double-up any artists in this playlist but I couldn’t help myself with Alt-J as I adore both of the songs featured so, so much. ‘3WW’ was the first song I heard from the album ‘RELAXER’ when it was released as a single and it’s still my favourite from the album, I just wish it was longer. I personally find this song super romantic and quite like that it’s predominantly instrumental – in my opinion it makes a brilliant introduction to the album and showcases the diverse musical abilities that the band has. The video is amazing too.

twelve. flow – crooked colours (2017)
This album was suggested to me just as I started putting together this playlist and I REALLY like it. It was actually quite difficult for me to pick just one of the songs to include but I settled with ‘flow’ as I thought it worked best with all the other pieces in the ensemble. This again, is a great driving song. It got heaps of really cool sounds throughout 

thirteen. murder to the mind – tash sultana (2017)
Tash Sultana has kind of blown up here in Australia over the last year – and I completely understand why. Her sound is like nothing else out there and if you’ve watched her perform live you’ll agree when I say DAMN can that woman multi-task. It’s mind blowing to me to think that she can create such a beautiful mish-mash of different sounds to bring together an enchanting sound. ‘Murder to the mind’ is her newest single that I’m aware of and it’s left me wanting more! I cannot wait to see where Tash Sultana goes in the future and what else she will release.

fourteen. afterglow – asgeir (2017)
I first heard about Asgeir in my first year of university when probably the quirkiest person I’ve ever met showed me his song ‘king and cross’ on YouTube and I was instantly hooked. I went straight home that night and played and downloaded all the songs I could find created by this wonderful man. ‘Afterglow’ is one of Asgeir’s newer songs and to me it is just as great as his older stuff. I find this song both relaxing and uplifting and think it’s perfect for this time of year.

fifteen. be about you – winston surfshirt (2017)
What better way to wrap up this winter playlist than with a hella funky tune by Winston Surfshirt. This was another song recommended to my by spotify and I think it’s fantastic. While still being fairly mellow, this song has got a funk, R&B twist that I personally think is super refreshing. To me, this song is the most different to any of the others on this playlist and I think it’s the perfect conclusion to this winter list of fab songs.



There you go! I hope you enjoyed my little playlist. Let me know what songs were your favourite from the list and what you would put on your own ‘winter playlist’. I’d also love to know if more seasonal playlists are something you’d be interested in me putting together and sharing, I personally really enjoyed doing it!

Much love, Ebony xo


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