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We’ve finally come to the last of my travel blogs! In case you didn’t know, over the last month I’ve been travelling around Austria and England with some of my family and decided to document some of the highlights on here, my own reference in the future – I think it will be lovely to have these memories recorded! If you want to read what I’ve been done leading up to this final week away be sure to have a look at my previous travel blogs for even more stunning memories.


On a particularly grey and wet Monday we decided to head up to Oxford to experience the wonderful college buildings, shops, scenery – and of course have a few fangirl moments at the college halls used to make the Harry Potter dining hall scenes (omg). Our visit to Oxford was the first moment I had here in England where I was blown away by my surroundings. Each building around me seemed to have a history that showed through the level of detailing on the different sandstone buildings. It was surreal visiting the Harry Potter dining hall as it seems so much larger in the films, it was also intriguing to see only two paintings of honored women on the walls of the hall, (one being the Queen).


I had to give an honerable mention to this cafe in Oxford that we visited, as it has got to be the best coffee I’ve at on this whole trip. I feel like it’s a known fact that Melbournians are the biggest coffee snobs around, so it’s been a struggle for me over the last four weeks not having much access to good, strong coffee. We stumbled upon┬áColombia Coffee Roasters among the covered markets in Oxford and we were greeted with wonderful service, great cakes and excellent coffee. Highly recommend.


For our last roadtrip of the holiday we made our way down to the old seaside town of Rye for a coffee and wander around. I don’t think I’ve seen this much character in a town in a long time, it seemed that every street was filled with quaint cottages with bold wooden doors and quirky accents. We spent the day wandering up and down the cute cobblestone streets taking a lot of photos and peering into strangers’ homes. To wrap up the roadtrip we made a quick stop to the sea, where I got to experience my first ever pebble beach!


Our final days in the UK were spent sight seeing one last time in London, checking off all the basics on the ‘tourism to do list’ – as well as catching up with family and friends for one last goodbye before it was time to leave. Overall this trip has been absolutely amazing for me, and I can’t believe it’s almost over! While I’ve had the best time travelling and experiencing such rich cultures, I am looking forward to coming home to my dog and getting back into routines. I hope you’ve enjoyed these travel blogs over the last month, I’ve sure enjoyed writing them!

Much Love, Ebony

**All photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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