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I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks! This trip is the longest I’ve ever been away from home and it’s definitely been a learning curve. I’ve learnt a bunch about myself as a woman, what the idea of ‘home’ means to me and what it could potentially mean in my future. Week three is the first of two weeks South of London in the country village my step dad grew up in, and whilst it was fairly relaxed we managed to do a whole lot – let me show you!


The Tate Modern has been on my gallery bucket list for quite some time now, so I knew I had to visit sometime during my trip. I ended up going to visit Tate on a fairly glum looking day in London, when the rest of the family was having a fairly lax day which meant my first time ever navigating London and The Underground would be done solo. I thought I’d be anxious doing this but I always surprise myself on how ‘on it’ my spatial awareness can be, and I quite enjoyed being able to experience London for the first time on my own and at my own pace. The experience reminded me of when I was in my mid teens and I started going into Melbourne on my own to take photos, I always found it quite cleansing.

I really enjoyed the variety of galleries that Tate had on offer when I visited. I was shocked that entry was free to most of the galleries as the Tate is known for having many wonderfully amazing pieces in their collection – and I was amazed. I loved how immersive a lot of the artworks and installations were, particularly the installations in ‘The Tanks’. I found myself wandering around the gallery for hours on my own, and it was a joy to have the added perk of the 360 degree view of London from the top level of the gallery.


After I visited the Tate Modern, I saw the Millennium Bridge was near the entrance to the gallery, so I walked across the slightly wobbly and very loud bridge towards St. Paul’s Cathedral. I experienced some of the strongest city winds of my life along this bridge, with such a strong push towards one side of the bridge. It was however lovely walking along the footbridge towards the infamous cathedral


While I myself am no longer a religious person, I still have definitely appreciated the detailed nature of the churches in Europe. If you’ve read my last couple of travel blog posts you would have seen the beauty of the popular cathedral in Vienna. The level of precision, pattern making and extravagance of these old buildings brings me a lot of joy as details are a favourite of my when designing. It was also lovely strolling through the small park around the cathedral.

On another trip to London, we made a special visit to the Tower of London, where we got to see the lovely torture tower, tower ravens and of course – the crown jewels. It was so intriguing learning of the history of the tower, getting nuggets of info from my step dad who grew up here and knows a bit of everything.

After the Tower of London we made a quick stop to Tower Bridge and took some snaps whilst trying to hold our hair off our faces in what was one of the strongest and iciest winds we’ve ever experienced. The rest of the evening in London involved browsing around shops, listening to buskers at Convent Gardens and finishing it off with a Pub Dinner. After we were back from our family trip to London we had a couple of recovery days followed by catch ups with old friends of my family, of course filled with good food and some great gin and tonics. I’ll see you all next week for my LAST travel blog post for this trip.

Much love, Ebony xo

**All photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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