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While I was on my trip I did a little bit of shopping, and by ‘a little’ a mean a lot. I knew there were a bunch of products I wanted to buy while I was overseas, especially in the UK as there are a lot of brands or products that we don’t have access to over in Australia. I had one core rule for myself to follow while I shopped, and that was to only buy things that I couldn’t get back home. I think this is a great rule to follow if you know you’ll be shopping quite a bit while travelling as it means you’re getting the most out of your travel budget. After all, you can buy a product available in your home country any time. As I purchased quite a few beauty bits I wanted to give them their own post, if you’d like to see what other bits I bought while overseas let me know!


Australia does have H&M stores readily available, however the H&M Beauty brand is not one us Aussies can get our hands on. A friend of mine told me that I had to check out the range available, and I’m so glad I did. The variety of products is completely breathtaking, I found myself wanting just about everything. I find that the packaging of the products is very luxe and reminds me of Tom Ford branding.

I ended up purchasing a mix of things, some of which were part of the New Year sales. I bought a cream blush, a powder blush, two lipsticks- both with different finishes, and what is probably one of the creamiest highlights I’ve ever come across. I also bought myself a nail polish, I would have purchased many more however I tend to get my nails done professionally – so I opted for just one that I could paint my toes with. After using these products a few times I have to say that I’m in love with the quality. It’s so easy to achieve both natural and glam looks with these products and I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of buying some goods from this range.


Soap & Glory is another brand that we have access to here, but our range is fairly limited to bathing and skincare. When I went to the UK I knew exactly what products I wanted to purchase for myself from the brand, and lucky for me Boots had a ‘buy one get one half price’ so it was a win, win! In my haul, I bought the infamous ‘Supercat skinny’ eyeliner, a matte lippie in ‘cinnamon beige’, one of the sexy mother pucker glosses in ‘spun sugar’ and a gorgeous bronzer. While I have loved all of these products off the bat, I must say that the cult favourite supercat liner was not my favourite as it is a felt tip rather than a brush tip. As I do a lot of winged liner looks I find it a bit easier to work with brush tips, but that’s just me!


If you’re on YouTube a fair bit, you’ve probably come across videos titled along the lines of “You won’t believe what I found at TK/TJ Maxx”. These stores are known for stocking discontinued and overstocked beauty products for much lower prices than the RRP. I wanted to have a go at the trend to see what I could find, and it was quite a fun experience. While it takes A LOT of searching, unboxing, and checking that the product isn’t damaged – I found some amazing deals on products I wouldn’t usually purchase due to their retail price.

It was completely by accident that I only purchased lip products, but those were the ones among my searching that stood out to me the most. I ended up purchasing two Lipstick Queen lippies  for $8.70AUD each (RRP $50.00AUD each), a lipgloss from Christian Breton for $7.00AUD (RRP $27.00AUD), and a trio set from Nudestix for $8.70AUD (RRP $30.00AUD). I was completely shocked by the savings I made on these products, and all of them were in brand new condition. The only downside of this experience was having to remove all the price stickers from the products, I think I may need to go in with some teatree oil on the gloss to get the residue off!


I thought I’d also include the odd beauty bits that I picked up during my trip, as I love them all so so much. A cult mascara that hit the market in 2017 was the ‘L’oreal Lash Paradise’ mascara, with just about every beauty guru raving about it. At the time of my trip the mascara was yet to be released in Australia so I did some research and realised that the mascara was on the market in the UK and Europe, but under a different name and design – the one I purchased is simply the ‘Paradise Extatic’ mascara and is in more of a rose gold tube – but it’s the same product! I picked up two of these as I knew I’d go through them both, and I must say – I LOVE this mascara.

Other bits that I picked up included the highly popular ‘Collection Lasting Perfection’ concealer, some falsies from Primark as they were dirt cheap and a fragrance from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. When I came across the fragrance in Superdrug I was suspicious as it was only 3 pounds (!!!), and there wasn’t a tester. But as it was so cheap I decided to purchase it anyway. The packaging of this product is so classy that you wouldn’t think it cost as little as it did. As for the scent, it is lovely, but it’s not one that I like for the body. Instead I’ve been using this product as a room spray and I adore it for that.


Overall I’m so happy with the products that I purchased during my trip. I feel like I was able to get all of the products I’ve had on my wishlist for a long time, as well as some wonderful new discoveries. All of the products in this post were actually purchased in the UK, with most from drugstores like Boots and Superdrug. Have you tried out any of the brands I spoke about? If you have let me know which are your favourites and what sort of things you love to purchase while travelling!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**

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    Absolutely brilliant Ebs. You’re such a talent! Xoxo
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