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Yesterday, the 20th November 2017, marked the day of my 22nd birthday. It seems like it was literally a week ago that I was hosting my 21st birthday party at my home with all my friends and family, and to absorb that that was a year ago is a total mind trip. I wanted to write this post as a bit of a moment to look back on, a moment where I reflect on what it meant being 21 for me, and my hopes and possibly fears of moving forward as a 22 year old.

As far as my birthday itself, yesterday was just wonderful. I always put so much pressure on myself for my own birthday – I’ve always been the person to plan surprises, events and treats for other people, so in my mind I can have moments of lonliness or conflict when my own birthday comes around and not much is planned. Now in saying this, I never expect grand gestures, but I’ve got a strange fear of my birthday passing as just any other day and it causes me a lot of anxiety.

Unlike last year, I didn’t have a party planned for this birthday, I just organised to have the day off work and my aim was to just let plans fall into place (I know, very unlike me). My day started when I woke in the morning and James and I ventured down the Peninsula for breakfast at Commonfolk Coffee. I ordered a Caesar salad and instead an Asian style salad came out, but hey it was still tasty.

After we were well caffeinated and fed, we made a quick stop at one of my favourite childhood stores; Santa’s Place. This store is located in Mornington and is the KINGDOM for all things Christmas-y. I had one aim going into the store, I wanted to find and purchase the best Christmas scent I’ve ever come across… The Snickerdoodle Christmas wax melts – and I was triumphant. From there we went to the main venue for the day, the mazes up on Arthur Seat. Like Santa’s Place, this was another that I used to frequent growing up and always adored it. It was the first time I had visited the mazes in over ten years and I wasn’t disappointed. As it was a Monday it was very quiet which made for a peaceful trip for both of us.

The remainder of my birthday was spent going out to the city with James and my housemates for gin and tonics at Gin Palace and then for an always amazing dinner at Chin Chin. It was so nice to spend time with all of them over amazing food and cocktails. After it was done we made our way home, all with huge food babies and an intense readiness for bed. Overall it was a WONDERFUL birthday and I couldn’t of asked for anything better.

Twenty One was a year of change and growth for me. I grew more and more aware of my mental health (read more on my journey with anxiety and depression here), I became a hell of a lot more confident in my bachelor’s degree – and even finished it. I rescued my greyhound Sydney and she has very quickly become the light of my life, pushed myself mentally and physically by saying yes to more and even started my journey as a part time nanny to four amazing kids, which has been a whole other learning curve. Not to mention I started this blog when I was 21, which has been the greatest decisions I have made in a long time!

Twenty One was also a year of personal battles. I have been challenged by hurdles in my relationship, obstacles in my brain, and tests of my self confidence and belief. I have high hopes for the year to come, that I will get even better at battling through these challenges and pushing myself to be even better. BRING IT, TWENTY TWO.

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**


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