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If you spend even a small amount of time on YouTube you’ve probably heard of Zoella (aka. Zoe Sugg) – a woman boss YouTuber and blogger who has basically become royalty on the platform. Zoella now has a number of brands attached to her name such as Zoella Beauty, Zoella Lifestyle and a number of teen fiction books. As part of her Zoella Beauty range she released a collection for Christmas of 2017 and after reading a few reviews and listening to her talk about the products I knew I had to have them.

This year’s holiday collection has been dubbed ‘Snow’ella’ and involves a series of products all with the comforting notes of peony, cranberry, mint and pink pepper. I’d describe this scent as quite fresh and uplifting – almost like the crispness of going on a walk on a cool Winter’s morning. I personally LOVE the scent and think it will be a great go-to for the holidays for many. I bought all of my haul off the feelunique website which I wouldn’t recommend doing if you’re from Australia. Both my orders took over a month to arrive, and that was after both individually got lost in the post and I had to reschedule delivery. I know that you can now buy a selection of these products in Target – so that might be a better option for some of my fellow Aussies out there!

These two lip balms are to die for and would make such a perfect gift for a Secret Santa or a stocking filler. These two miniature star tin lip balms come as a duo gift set, wonderfully designed for gift giving. Each of these balms have their own scent; the tin ‘Snow Soft’ is a clear balm with a minty scent and ‘Snow Sparkle’ which is a subtle nude balm with tiny gold reflects and has a vanilla scent. I think these are just perfect to have with you at all times as they’re very compact and are just lovely!

I absolutely love the variety of products that came in this collection. Also included in various gift sets is a refreshing bubble bath and a super nourishing body butter. Both of these came in gift sets in a mini size which I think is the perfect way for someone to test out the products for the first time, they’re also great for travel! I personally don’t have a bath but I’ve been using the Snow Bubbly as a shower gel for that extra bit of pampering and I love it!

I was very excited for these next two products arrived and I think they’re definitely my favourites from the whole collection. The ‘Snow Polished’ Body Polish is a completely new formula to the Zoella Beauty range and is basically a foaming body exfoliater that is intended to use in the shower. The second product is ‘Snow Silky’ which is a standard body lotion. I love the formula of this lotion as it doesn’t take too much work to be absorbed into the skin, but it also doesn’t feel like it disappears immediately. Both of these products have the signature scent from this range and I LOVE them.

As I bought all of these products in various gift sets many of them came with little skincare tools like this pair of exfoliating gloves and fluffy beauty headband. I love that she decided to release these two items in the gift sets as I think they compliment the products perfectly and would make for an excellent pamper night in.

The hand creams from Zoella Beauty are probably one of the biggest raved about products, I’ve heard so many people feel that the formula is one of the best they’ve ever come across and they swear by them. So I was very excited to try this one out and I must say that I’m impressed! The amount that you get in the tube is quite a lot of a hand cream, the packaging is delightful and the hand cream itself is super nourishing and rich.

Last, but certainly not least – we have the Snow’ella body mist. I decided to purchase mine as a mini in the gift set that includes four different Zoella Beauty body mists as I will also be reviewing her Jelly & Gelato range (stay tuned!) and I also very rarely go through full sized bottles of fragrances. I love the scent of this mist, like the rest of the collection, I find the scent of this to be fresh and bright whilst still being Christmas-y. I personally adore the mini size and think it’ll be a great companion for my trip to Europe.


Overall, I’m super impressed by this range and think the different gift sets available allow there to be something for everyone. I really like the scent of this range and feel that while it’s great for the holidays it is also one that can be used all year round. I’d say that my favourite items that I purchased would have to be the body mist, body lotion and hand cream – but I love them all! Let me know if you’ve tried any of the items from this range and which products are your favourites!

Much Love, Ebony xo

**all photographs in this post were taken and edited by myself**

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